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Can I Marry A Non-Believer
I would like to contact Liz who posted the blog that has these comments.
"My mother was not a believer when she met my father (she was involved in Wicca), my father prayed for her every day until she finally came to know God and to this day she is one of the strongest bible believing Christians I have ever met." There is someone I am praying about.

Secretly In Love With Married Man
You let him go a long time ago and he has now moved on and is getting on with his life. He is oblivious to your feelings and that's how it must stay. Now is the time for you also to move on and put all these feelings away. You are spoiling any future you might have with someone else by harbouring these thoughts.

Adultery OK If Both Are Happy
A common-law 'marriage' means two people living together as man and wife but they are not married. This is sin and for a third person to want to be involved with either of these people adds to that sin.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
Jordan, God forgives all sin that we have repented of. Just read what King David did, an affair with a married woman who got pregnant, then he had her husband killed so he could have the woman, Bathsheba. David repented of all this and just look how mightily God used him in His Service. God knows just how you feel and He now wants you to put that behind you and get on with your life. You will never forget the child but please accept that God has forgiven you if you have sincerely asked Him to do so.

Why Don't Christians Witness
-2- Some Christians of course do witness publicly in various ways. Some hand out tracts in shopping malls, give testimony in the street through speakers, some churches hold open-air services and go door-to-door. These are all good ways for those who feel called to do so but often get very small results. However, as even ONE soul saved is important, all methods are worth trying if you truly feel God is telling you to do it that way.

Why Don't Christians Witness
Christians tend to witness in a totally different way. We are told to let our light shine before men, which I believe means to let our Christianity show through the way we live our everyday lives. If we are living right it should prompt others to ask 'what is different about that person?' Our peace, our honesty, our dress code, our choice of vocabulary etc. should all be noticeable. Then when asked why we are as we are we should have our answers ready.

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