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Deadly Anti-Christ Wound
Would getting hit in the face by a rock and being unconscious for three weeks qualify for being a deadly head wound?
---Cluny on 2/17/11

I don't believe so. This happens frequently...the person regains consciousness and survives with some degree of brain damage.

Depression, Recession or Recovery
We are bordering on depression and everybody knows it...even government spokesmen who claim otherwise.
Obama,long time admirer of European economies, now has one of his own!

No "jobs bill" will help as long as American businessmen know that the president can personally fire a CEO or, with the swipe of a pen, destroy thousands of small businesses virtually overnight (as he did auto dealerships). He has a "job czar" whose duty it is to tell businesses what they must pay employees, what they may charge for products, or whether they can charge at all!

With the daily prospect of some unforeseen new business tax or regulation ...who will risk either hiring or investing? Wonder why the economy is frozen?

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