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Worship God On Everyday
PART1 No, the emphasis is made on a day of rest during which one may worship. The day of "rest" is separated from any other day of the week because God Himself chose to "sanctify" It (to make it Holy). I am sure one can definitely worship everyday but can one truly rest in the Lord everyday (ie. Keep everyday Holy)?
It is not what man "contributes" to the Sabbath that makes it a special day.
SDA is not the only church that observes the 7th day. There are 7th day Baptist Churches and I believe others as well.

Worship God On Everyday
PART 2 why so many frustrations over observing the 7th day? although it is a clear command from God? How does one "focus" on God like I hear many say, while refusing to obey Him?
I am sure the command thou shalt not steal is unambiguous enough without somebody adding that this should only apply under whatever circumstances... my point is that we are not debating over any other commandment, why pick on the 4th???
Moderator- Unless one has experienced sda-ism it is purely judgmental to speculate things about it or to focus on hear-say.

Word Of Faith Bibles
My thoughts: Risky Risky Business that I wouldn't encourage anybody to take lightly: the consequences are GREAT and Eternal for anyone who purposes to "re-write" or/and "change" God's word. It is a Holy Ghost inspired authorship: co-Authors be warned...
(supported by verses: proverbs 30: 5,6
Revelation 22: 18, 19)

Can God Speak To Animals
I believe that God can and will "order" his creation by whichever means of communication He pleases, I do not believe God has a conversation with animals however, I believe that animals tend to follow God's will. As a matter of fact I believe that out of all of creation, which is supposed to obey God's will, Man is the only creation that feels like arguing with God and suggesting how God should Reign.
Finally, I believe sin has affected the whole creation including animals and that is why we see all these horrible things caused by/to animals.

Was Creation Instantaneous
The Almighty God created this earth in six (6) literal days: the Bible says so. An eternal God cannot possibly be limited by "time". Instead HE "appointed" time for our sake. I mean think about it: HE could have made it all in a moment (especially when you consider the promise in 1Cor 15:51,52: bodies will be changed in a twinkling of an eye). Yet the great I AM chose to stage creation so the crown jewel would be Man. HE spoke everything else into existence (yes, that includes the monkeys, apes and whatever diversity thereof) but personally fashioned Man with HIS own hands and breath.
No it did not take gazillion years for that ape to become a man. That is contrary to the word of God.

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