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Is Holy Spirit A He Or It
Catherine do you really believe your statement, "God loves whom loves Him"?
Well, I read the Bible and it says that God loves sinners.
I am not required to love God so that He will love me. He died for me that while I was yet a sinner His love was directed towards me.
Revisit where you came up with you statement and see how wrong it is.

I Don't Think God Is Real
Death_Reaper let me first say you name is phony. You have no power over death or life.
Next, your statement the way you wrote it, "I Dont Think God Is Real" needs punctuation.
I will do it for you.
Death reaper said, "I don't think. God is Real."
Ha, now we are getting somewhere!

Humor Blog #5
Ann, if a tree fell on a man anywhere I think his wife would be left.
She will probably say, "He shoulda asked for directions. He never does................yak yak.........."

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