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There Is A Demon In My House
I have been able to good and bad things since i was little i now currently have 5 demons that are in my bedroom every night. I'm trying to burn sage to rebukeing them out of the house while most go there is all ways one I have to stare down he smaller but seems to be the strongest of all. my boyfrined and I pray have been holding prayer and i have been holding prayer with my mom and dad as well but this seems to make them more stirred up. I turly feel these are demons that are out to get someone or something by trying to push them out it only seems to make them more angry. the only thing protecting me right now is when i ask God to enter my heart when ever i do i smell the scent of lavaender.

How To Stop Gossip
I personally think it is so wrong to gossip in my opion if you got somethng to say about somebody say it to their face because when you talk behind their back that just means your scared of them and thats stupid you should be honest with your friends dont lie to them you want to have trust in your relationship so you can always be there for your friend when they need you or you might need them and might not have them because all you want to do is gossip about them yea its wrong and most likely its untrustworthy

Does God Keep His Promises
I believe He does. Over and over again you see it in the Bible. And if it ever seems ike He hasn't, it can either be because you realy weren't promised by God or that its just not the right time. Look at Noah. God promised to never flood he earth again and that is how we got the rainbow!

God Made One Male And Female
Instead of getting technical why don't we just simply thank him for even making us at all? Especially the way most of us act every day he didn't have to make us at all so let's stop worrying about technicals and praise God and spread his word!!!! :-}

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