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Continue To Spank My Teenager

That's great !I applaued you . Do you use a belt, or paddle, when spanking your kids ?

Does God Really Exist
What am I waiting for? Hmm well I am waiting for some sort of sign that he cares. I used to do everything in my power to worship him, to be a good Christian and the only things that ever happened were trials and tribulations.

Why Do We Need To Pray
I wonder. I have a large family in a homeless situation and although I have prayed for many months, no answers lay before me. I feel like if he were really there my family would not be suffering. I have tried my best to do as much as I can to believe but I have lost all faith. Everything just keeps getting worse. I wish I could answer for you but I can't answer for myself. If he is there please God help my family stop hurting!

Leave Your Spouse For Abuse
God has admonished us all, especially fathers, to not frustrate our children. Abuse of any you or to them; verbal, emotional or physical.........violates this rule to live by that we've been given. Ask yourself this question, Dorothy.....Are your children in danger (for their lives, their souls, their mental health)? Your first responsibility is your relationship with God. Your second is to your children, if your spouse is threatening them.

Why Would You Feel Guilty
Please accept my sincere condolences. What a shock for both of you. Take plenty of time to completely grieve your loss. Know that your daughter will understand the loss differently at different developmental stages. This is normal and necessary. If you rush the process, it will serve no useful purpose for anyone; but if you let the process and the Lord work in their own time frame, the future WILL be fine. The Lord has promised good to all who believe in Him! I am SO sorry for your loss. Jera

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