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Do Christians Ever Think

It takes a great deal of restraint, patience and tact to answer insipid questions from prideful people who act condecendingly to others with less education, intimidating them, and think that their meager education makes them wiser than the God who CREATED the universe and all the knowledge therein.

Believe In Latter Rain Movement

EVERY thread here has "side issues". They all relate to the main issue. Sometimes "side issues" supercede the main topic, as is the case here.

Good people have tried to reach out to you here, pointing out how you seem to want to sew discord, but also seem to want to gain approval.

If that dichotomy is not apparent you, it is to us, and we wish to help you seek wholeness in Christ.

Believe In Latter Rain Movement

I've been lurking here. Mike's reaction is typical for an abuse victim; it takes MUCH effort to grow healthy while living in a cesspool of emotions.

In my case, I had to embrace the sharp pain of reconstruction into freedom rather than to deal with the chronic, dibilating pain of family dysfunction.

Many people pointed that out to Mike, and the ball is in his court. Nice try, though.

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