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Christians Go Pagan For Christmas
Herb ... can you enlighten me, as previously asked, what the meanings are of the following Lammas, Candlemas, and Michaelmas?
I don't think that any of these is a celebration of the death of anyone.
& Did you realise Herb, that if you rearrange the letters of the word GOD, you get DOG?
So what if Satan & Santa contain the same letters? If it did mean anything, it would damn us all, since the word Santa means saint, and we are all called to be saints.

Are We Living In The End-Times
Mrs M ... You have still not offered a biblical justification of the year 1948

Must We Repent Of Each Sin
Mrs M ... Each & every incident?
How many of those kinds of sin do you recall for yourself each day?

The Missing J Report
Jack ... You have it exactly and have confirmed what I said
**The word "sin", or "love" or "save" or "commandments" or "cross" are not used in the original texts.**
Neither is the word "Jesus"
Because we are reading an English translation, not the original texts.

Don't you see what I am getting at?

Jesuites Believe In Mary
Helen ... You have said on numerous occasions that Jesus was "placed" in Mary's womb, and that she was not His real mother.
I used the word "inserted" to show in plain basic and perhaps crude practical terms just what it is you claim.
But it is made nonsense by the fact that we are told Mary conceived and bore Jesus

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