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Mormons Practice Poligamy
Well, I believe it because I've known mormons and they say that in some places it was allowed, even encouraged. However, as a Christian, it's always good not to get "too" curious about a cult or other religion. One mormon was trying to convince me there are more than one God. As soon as she told me Adam was the god of our universe (yes, Adam!) and Satan and Jesus were brothers....well, any way, you get the idea.

Are Associate Degrees Any Good
An associate's degree is always a good start. Let him take a much deserved break if money is an option; he can always go back later, if he chooses. Don't feel guilty about it, just keep encouraging him that his education is not wasted and not to lose hope if the right job doesn't come immediately.

Can You Commit Spiritual Adultery
I was looking up the defination for spirtual adultery and this is what I found:SPIRITUAL ADULTERY -- Idolatry, covetousness, and apostasy are spoken of as spiritual adultery (Jer. 3:6,8,9; Ezek. 16:32; Hos. 1:2:3; Rev. 2:22). An apostate church is an adulteress (Isa. 1:21; Ezek. 23:4,7, 37), and the Jews are described "an adulterous generation" (Matt. 12:39) (compare Rev. 12.) I'd say even obsessions or addictions can count; anything that takes away from our time with God.

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