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Is Dancing Wrong
Technically speaking there is no actual statement against dancing. Now onto the topic. Dancing today is generally a lead to sexual actions or even simply temptations. Both of those ARE strictly forbidden in the Bible.
So, what do I say. Nothing wrong with it if done properly. Line dancing or a form of square dancing, or something of the like. No partner and done for entertainment or for God's glory then fire away and dont stop until God tells you to. However if it is to build your relationship someone or if the action is in anyway made to focus you on her or him then it NEEDS to be avoided. As Joseph did with Potifer's wife, if presented with this situation FLEE, RUN, you life may depend on it.

Inaccurate Verbal Statements
God gave us a method through Paul to rebuke those that are incorrect and standing against what God's word said.
We are to go them one on one and correct them. If the refuse us....
Take two or three with you, ones that they respect or see as friends. If the continues to persist....
They are to be taken in front of the Church (notice the big C in that). And if they still persist with their problem they are to be removed from the fellowship of the Church.
It sounds bad but it is the Biblical method.

Why Was Jesus Coming Back
Hes speaking of those that are still on Earth at the time he returns, at least this is what the church teaches. I however do not believe there will be a "rapture." This world hates us enough, they may eventually decide to just remove us of their own volition. When Jesus returns it will be as King not servant. Lion not lamb. He will come in judgement, not in humbleness.

Doers Of The Law Justified
Your taking justification and righteousness as the same meaning. The justification in Romans is for men women and children not to God.
The defining factor is actually in James 2:14-26. you ought to read those maybe they will clarify the issue for you.

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