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Banned Books Week
MikeM -- HUCK Finn, along with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain were considered classics, good literature, when I was a child 60 some years ago. My grandmother read them to me before I was even old enough to start school.(I came from a well educated family but a non-religious one.) HUCK Finn was banned more recently by the PC crowd because it freely uses the N word, which was acceptable in Mark Twains day, and other racial "slurs".

Who Would You Vote For
Mike M-- I like your slate.
But,Melissa, it's a little hard to say who we'd vote for when we don't even know who is going to be running.. a lot can happen between now and then. It's more than 2 yrs. away.

Believe In Latter Rain Movement
MikeM- It could be that whenever you say you are asking "questions" the words are bristling with hostility toward Pentecostals. Sometimes I've looked back to see what questions you've asked and can find none with a "?". You don't ask questions... you issue maybe people don't know you expect a response. Also I think a lot of Pentecostals think, "Well, MY church wouldn't do such a thing, but I don't know about others".

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