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Virtual Reality Churches.
No, goggles aren't needed. However livestreaming is needed for the homebound like myself, but church in 3D or that much of a close up no.

Gospel For Food
no. God wants us willingly to follow him, not force up on.

Jesus Breaks The Sabbath
For me I keep the Sabbath as a day of Rest & reflecting in Gods word whether reading scriptures or praying with him, then on Sundays I fellowship with others because as the disciples did when Jesus resurrected, they met on the 1rst day of the week. They also continued to do so after he ascended. Jesus is our rest, we rest in him, but even since the beginning his father rested on the 7th day from everything, so do I.

Thoughts On Facebook
My husband is friends with women from his high-school graduation & their husbands.I have no problem with it because I too associate with my past male friends from high school and see how their family is.Sometimes my husband adds my friends & vise versa & plays words with friends & jokes with me about how they're good at the game.I even have my ex husband on my facebook because of our daughter. So it's also a trust issue. If you two cant trust eachother no point on being on social media.We've been married over 15 yrs now.

Thoughts On Facebook
I love FaceaBook! it keeps me connected with family and friends.However i don't subscribe to many groups out there anymore. you still have to be careful.

Is KJV Inspired By God
The KJV isn't inspired by God. like the NKJV, ASB, ESV etc it is a translation only & a poor one at that. There is at least 30 plus spurious passages in the New Testament & if you have a bible with footnotes it shows some of the verses written weren't in the original Manuscript. How is that inspired if they add to it? its not.If I had to choose I would use the NAB or ESV that corrects the mistakes.

Brands Of Christianity
I left the baptist branch for Church of Christ. finally I left all denominations membership wise & turned to God fully. I do fellowship with true believers from different denominations because we have the foundation through Jesus himself, but the only "membership" I have & need is written in Gods book of life.So leaving the worlds view of church is what i needed & embracing God fully is how I became truly free.

Church of Christ A Good Church
I use to be with the CoC, but left because they said they were the only true church & that in itself is wrong. Do they stick with scripture, depends the location. Some pastors do , some Pastors add with their own opinions & world views. However if you feel God led you there & are being spiritually fed whom am I to say not to go?

What Does Hell Look Like
Depending on the definition given hell is the grave. Our soul is our breath of life. No I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, but they are scriptural correct in this area. God destroys the wicked. Our bodies turn to dust and the unjust/wicked will not get new bodies.the grave/hell will be cast INTO the last hell or lake of fire.Again only God can destroy both body & soul.

Baptise Other People
Yes. My husband & I baptized our 3 boys at home. Only Jesus can save them. the worldly denominations might not accept their baptism, but God knows their hearts. the only time i say its not acceptable is if the person isnt a Christian and not baptized themselves.

Saved If Don't Understand
Only God reads the heart & knows the condition of the person mentally whether a child or an adult, this is NOT up to a person. However a person is saved by confessing with our mouth that Jesus is Lord & that he died & was raised again. Infants do not know right from wrong but children understand as they grow. however God forbid an infant die, I believe God takes care of them because they're innocent in their choices.

Converts To Judaism Saved
Only Jesus saves us. Jesus is the ONLY way, truth, life so if they don't accept Jesus or did & now deny Jesus, unless they repent they aren't saved. No denomination can save us or religion.

Saved By World Religions
As noted ONLY through Jesus is salvation given. Not through membership in ANY denomination or religion .

Do You Own A Bible
Yes I own many versions.Each one helps me dive into Gods word. I have the Restoration KJV bible using "Yahweh" and "Yeshua" also it has the strongs concordence with it, so this is my main study bible.. then I have the KJV with JSM commentary though I am not a pentecostal, I also havev the KJV lds bible & the 2013 Revised NWT bible from Jw's though I'm nto mormon or Jw. I love the NWT because it fits in my purse & God has helped me when reading it. I stay away from the NIV , & the message & paraphrased bibles because it takes away from the main message of Gods word. Hope that helps.

Explain Matthew 24:37
I'll use my commentary bible to give the answer.. Jimmy Swaggert says this about that verse in the comentary:
"The men of Noahs day were insensible to the Prophecies predicting the coming flood,and so will men be blind to these Prophecies announcing the coming of the Son of Man"

Democrat Christian Possible
I stay neutral for the worlds government arent for us. We are to only have Jesus as our authority.Yes we are to obey the laws of the land, but we dont have to be a republican or democrate because what if we support what they do & they go against what God hates? We are then as bad as them.

What Is True Religion
There is no true religion since it's man made. However there is only 1 way to God, through Jesus his son only. No denomination can save you, Jesus can. Being a Chrisitan is part of our life, not a religion.

How Close Is Your Church
I live in my church, my church is my home, outdoors etc. However if you're refering to a building for fellowship its 10min away & yes i get rides.

How To Study The Bible
I have a daily reading plan that doesnt change each year. I read 3 readings a day. 2 old 1 new testament. We go chapter by chapter vs by vs.

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