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I Have Had Two Abortions
My wife and I struggled with our marriage in the early years. During our counseling we both went through Beauty from Ashes at our church. It dealt with women who had abortions. My wife had one before I met her. We had to name the child that had been aborted. Since she knew it was a boy we named him Derek. Then our church had a funeral along with other women who had abortions and their families attending. You have to mourn and grief the loss of these children in order for you to be healed. It was a very big moment in our marriage. I don't know where you live but I recommend you find a Beauty from Ashes program. I know crisis pregnancy centers have something like this. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you find your way on the road to peace.

Tithes If We Are Unemployed
Tithing on any income for a believer is ideal and should be given priority. If all professing believers who attend a church of their choice would tithe, there would never be a need for fund raising of pleas for funds from the finance committee because there would be more than enough.

Did God Cause Haiti Earthquake
No. Although an increase of earthquakes is predicted in scriptures, I don't believe the Haiti disastrous quake was initiated or caused by God. The geology and construction of the earth's crust has earthquakes as a natural event.

Fulfill All Righteousness
Are you not the manifestation of you master the devil?
When you quote my letter to Mima, why do you took a portion to twist? Read the rest of the letter.Dave***

Dave, are you Eloy's evil twin? Are you saying YOU too are God and anyone who questions you is of the devil?

Has God Spoken To You
I am a true witness of God/Jesus. Our God has spoken to me in the middle of the night during the night I got saved a couple of years back. I heard him from behind and I feared and trimbled through his awesome voice. So I hid under my blankets... This is real and have more to tell.

Money Management And Faith
Finances are only one part of the many resources Christ followers are to exercise stewardship. Budgeting, saving, debt management, donations, philanthropy -ie. tithing, are all part of the Christian's obligation to maintain a positive witness and productive life. Notice, I did not say that if you don't you will not be a good enough Christian.

Seven Year Tribulation
It's my belief now and has been since reading scripture and hearing numerous speakers on the subject, that this reference refers to the two, three and one half year periods of The Great Tribulation, preceded by the rapture of the Church.

Should We Celebrate Halloween
It makes Hell and fear a joke.

Offended By Women Pastors
Not necessarily offended, just wary of what is being said by a women giving a sermon. I wouldn't leave just because a women was the pastor but would let my viewpoint known to the appropriate people who made the decision to endorse it.

Scared Of The Rapture
Am I ready for the Rapture? Yes, looking forward to it.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
catherine123456, The Catholic Church was not the first Church. This is an ego thing that Catholics like to boast about, that's all. Or is that catherine12345, or catherine1234567890? You must be special.

Can The Dead Speak To Us
Yeah, Elvis just contacted me. He wants all of you to give me $5. Go see an exhorsist or a shrink if you think that you can communicate with the dead.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
Let me ask you something here. These statutes, were they glowing or anything? Did their eyes light up? I saw a religious statute just recently, and it was covered in bright red velvet. I was took back, to say the least.

What Do Roman Catholics Say
What's next, Ritz crackers with the likeness of saint Potts on eBay?
It might bring in big bucks. Some people will buy into anything.

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