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What's Up May 2013
Aka: Since I was the one you called silly, I forgive you. I'd be most appreciative if you apologized. But, if you can't, I still forgive you.

What's Up May 2013
Shira: I am so sorry you lost your husband to Agent Orange. I know enough about that disease to know it is a horrific way to live after fighting for one's country. When I was married, my husband served in the Army just after the Vietnam War.

God bless.

What's Up? It's October 2012
I would appreciate prayer for my dear friend, and Spiritual mentor, Ruth. She had breast cancer, and had a mastectomy a few years ago. Now the cancer is in her chest wall, and it's growing. She can't get chemo because of a problem with her blood. She loves the Lord, and trusts Him completely in all of this.

Prayer Back In School
Francis,NOBODY is stopping kids from praying silently.

Here, the public schools are closed on the two Jewish holidays in September, because of the large population of Jews in the students and teachers. Catholic kids are not marked absent when they go to spend the day preparing for their Confirmation and First Communion. School libraries are open during lunch for the Muslim students during Ramadan. Christian kids can meet at the pole, as my children did in high school. Student Venture can hold club meetings in the school after school, as well as other events.

NOBODY is preventing students and teachers from praying in the public schools. I've done it, and have had students who did it.

What's Up May 2012
Darlene, I can't get into my Avon account right now. Could you send me a private message here with your e-mail address? I have not heard from Alan in ages. I hope he's okay.

Women With Purity Issues
Eloy, I worked with a lot of mentally ill patients in my short social work career, but none like you. Your delusions of grandeur have you believing that you are sinless, and that speaking against you is blasphemy. There was only one sinless human, Christ the Lord. The rest of us, including you, commit sin. You do it most of the time you post on Christianet. Plus, talking to or about you is not blasphemy, because you are not God. Scripture teaches that we are to admonish one another, and you are in desperate need of admonition.

Plus, you need some serious psychiatric and psychological help to help you deal with your delusions. Spiritually, you are believing the lies of the devil. Emotionally, you are out of touch with reality.

Mental Condition Labels Changing
One reason for the changes is to be more inclusive of disorders that are not clearly identified in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-TR. These classifications each have a corresponding number, which helps insurance companies to know what they are paying for, just as regular illnesses are classified.

Given that mental health parity is in effect, it has become necessary to be more specific. One example is with eating disorders. The current manual identifies anorexia, bulimia and eating disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified.) Yet, eating disorder treatment facilities treat many patients with what is called, Binge Eating Disorder, which has been found to have a chemical basis in the brain, just as chemical addictions.

Tithe Or Pay Bills
Eloy, you have no clue what you are talking about. I have never seen Elder blaspheme. Yet, you have repeatedly done that very thing and more.

Tithe Or Pay Bills
Eloy claims to be sinless. Scriptures repeatedly tell us that even though we are in Christ, we still need to seek His forgiveness from time to time. Romans 7, and 1 John 1:9 were written to believer, not unbelievers.

Eloy's claims to perfection are lies from the devil. If he can lie about this, it is impossible to trust anything else he claims about God, or God's Word.

Young Husband Is Partier
First question is, are you and your husband believers? Do you pray daily for him? Does he take the family to church, or do you go alone, or not at all?

My suggestion is to get yourself involved in a women's Bible study, and find a mature woman to mentor you, one who will show you how to be a Christian wife.

Then, buy a copy of Stormie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Wife," and pray daily for the man you married.

What's Up November 2011
Elena: Thank you for your concern. You are so sweet, and I love your posts.

God is answering prayers. In the past few days, the earache has gone, I am still getting a bad fever and headache in the afternoons. But, God is faithful and just in my life.

What's Up November 2011
I am praising the Lord with you, Pierre. That is wonderful news. To God be the glory.

TBN Pledge-A-Thon
I prefer to support the young adults going on short term missions trips. My church has two such people leaving this Winter to minister in foreign lands. Many missionaries I know start out by going on short term projects.

When I went on a two week project, my church supported me. It was a great learning experience handing out the Jesus video and French/Arabic New Testaments to North Africans in a southern port of Spain.

What's Up November 2011
God is so good to me. A year ago, I survived a pulmonary embolism, and now I am able to celebrate another birthday today. I am blessed beyond my comprehension.


TBN Pledge-A-Thon
Benny Hinn is a joke. He is not worth wasting precious time watching. If TBN has him on, then I will definitely not waste my time viewing that network. To spend time watching a network that shows an apostate is not being a good steward of time. Not to mention, it is filling the mind with lies straight from Hell. Philippians 4 tells us to think on other things.

What Is A Leader
In addition to what it says in scripture about leaders, I find the best leaders have empathy for those they lead. They also lead by example. Lastly, they are genuine, and are honest about their own shortcomings, not putting on airs, acting holier than thou.

Robertson Occupy Wall Street
Jed: My family went without health insurance from 1980 to 1988. We worked, but at jobs that did not offer medical benefits. The only insurance we afforded was catastrophic hospital coverage. It did not pay for doctor's visits if our children got sick. Nor did it pay for the prescriptions of antibiotics or other medications necessary.

We did not qualify for Medicaid, and the only clinic available was too far away to drive to. Plus, if we took a day off from work to take our kids to the clinic, that was money we lost in income.

We did not have any luxuries, not even cable TV. We did not go out to eat, nor did we go to movies. Vacations were out.

Your stereotype of the poor is just plain wrong.

Robertson Occupy Wall Street
What a lot of you do not understand is that the Occupy Wall Streeters are not free-loaders. They are people who have been jobless due to the decisions of big business to outsource jobs. They are people who work but get no medical benefits. They are people who work, but cannot support their families, much less themselves. All they want is a chance to support themselves and have medical benefits. That is not covetousness, nor is it Marxist.

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