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Scaried Of Prophets Apostles
"Quench not the Spirit....."
"Do not grieve the Holy Spirit....."
"Despise not prophesyings....."

If the Holy Spirit accomplished everything He pleased apart from the response of the believer, there would be no need for the admonishments above. You defend Paul in one blog but systematically tear down everything he says in all others.

Scaried Of Prophets Apostles
"What if the voice you hear is from the enemy who wants to deceive you and he agrees with you there is prophets when there is none, what then? And how will you know its the voice of God you are hearing? Many like Mohammah thought it was the voice of God." MarkV

If you cannot discern the voice of God concerning His use of prophets in the five-fold ministry, you cannot discern the voice of God concerning any other matter found in the scriptures, including your conviction that God only saves select people and dooms the rest. Seems like your "ability" to hear God correctly is more a matter of convenience than it is truth.

Speeding To Church Sinful
In the cases of Abraham's lie, Rahab's hiding of the spies, David's adultery and subsequent murder, Noah's drunkenness, etc., the focus should not be so much on their sin as it is on the covenant God made with them that superceded their sin. That is good news for those who lived before the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and even greater news for those of us after His passion.

Explain Matthew 5:17
Titus 3:9
But avoid foolish questions,and genealogies,and contentions,and strivings about the law, for they are unprofitable and vain.

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
That should have read "body ~ sarx " not "body ~ Sara". I hate auto correct.

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
Spirit ~ pneuma
soul ~ psuche (sp?)
body ~ Sara

The spirit is who the believer is as born of God (righteous, holy, complete, delivered, healed, etc). The soul consists of the mind which must be renewed, the will, emotions, intelligence, personality, imagination, and reasoning. The body is the expression. The heart ~ cardia~ is the place of conviction and belief.

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
Jed, those who are born of the Spirit ARE spirit. The only other option is to born of flesh and be flesh. A born again believer is a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. Made in the image of God, he is three parts of a whole. That is why a believer can be called righteous in Christ apart from his performance or thoughts.

Are Some Christians Wicked
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

So, are you saying that your defending of the Word is not the same as defending God?

Are Some Christians Wicked
I have never known God to be one who needed defended. Doctrines, however, are defended adamantly....and the more false they are, the more words necessary to convince. Real grace being imparted through the spoken word doesn't require so much explanation.

How To Save Children
Mark, it is evident you cannot rightly divide the Word. In the Old Covenant, God dealt with Israel to preserve the blood line until the seed came. The Gentiles were never under the law to begin with but a stranger could partake of the Passover with the Israelites if he desired to do so. Once the seed came and the wrath of God was laid on Him for the sins of the whole world, all have the same opportunity to believe the gospel since faith comes when it is preached. God is no respecter of persons. You are though and that tells me you don't know Him.

How To Save Children
"I'm only responsible for bringing the Truth to you" MarkV

You can only bring the truth if you know Him who is Truth. All you know is a doctrine. You are the only person I know of who denies that the word "all" means all, the word "man" means mankind, and the word "world" means world. When you have to redefine basic everyday words a three year old would understand, it is clear you delight in your deceptive doctrine rather than Truth. Your doctrine is your god.

How To Save Children
MarkV, if that is all you are hearing after all that has been presented by those here, you are dull of hearing. When you say you speak for yourself, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately, speaking for yourself is not the same as speaking for God.

God Loves Everybody
MarkV, I am convinced you either did not read what I wrote in its entirety, you totally twisted what I said (which is common with you), or you are acting like you don't understand what I said for the sake of argument. Jesus, walking as a man, flowed in God's compassion for man. He healed all who came to Him, ate with sinners, and fed the multitudes. Although Jesus walked as a man full of the Spirit, everything He did came out of the Father. Don't twist what I said to propagate your theology. That's the devil's work.

How To Save Children
"People talk, but in their hearts they refuse the very God who saves them."

You sure do. As I have said before, I could present scripture after scripture and it would make no difference because deception has blinded you. You can search the scriptures (the Pharisees did and still didn't know Him) and make them say anything you want them to say, but if what you see is not Christ and God's redemptive plan for the whole world, you only think you have eternal life. Eternal life is knowing the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent. When you say God only heals some and not others or saves some and not others, you don't know Him. You only know what you see. Blessed are they who believe yet have not seen.

God Loves Everybody
"But did you ever stop to think that Jesus in His humanity was just like all of us, accept He was without sin. As a human being He was compassionate. He reacted in His human nature. He was not speaking from His divine nature, for He is God and could not be talking to Himself. MarkV

Wrong again. Jesus always did those things that pleased the Father. He was the fullness of God in bodily form. He did only those things He saw the Father do and said only those things He heard the Father say. If He said it, He spoke it from the realm of the Father, who is Spirit. He perfectly expressed the Father when He had compassion. True compassion is a God characteristic. He is full of compassion.

How To Save Children
The truth of Jesus never hurts. Knowing it makes a man free. Your doctrine is not truth. It leaves unanswered questions that require the twisting of some Scripture and the exclusion of others to explain. You contradict your own theology by trying to convince people you say have no spiritual ears to hear it. I am all for leaving you to your own deception since it is a gross misrepresentation of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Comforter and Teacher the Holy Ghost.

How To Save Children
Craig, let me make my answer more clear this time. Any Truth I present to you, comes from the Word of God. I cannot make you believe it.

The problem here is that you don't speak the truth. You speak what you think is true.

How To Save Children
I know you hate it when people tell you so, but you are VERY wrong about that!

You are the hands and feet of Christ. Christ is living in you. Yes, GOD is living IN you. Your words CAN convict the lost IF you are listening to the guidance of the Spirit, because HE know what words will reach someone.

The methods you use make the difference but we have to listen to Gods voice in order to know how to reach people. (Jude 1:22,23)

Jesus says "Go"! Do you say "Why? I cant convince anyone! ---CraigA on 6/4/12

Amen Craig. Then again, he who does not confess that Jesus IS COME (present tense) in the flesh (we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh) is antichrist.

Where Is Heaven Located
If I gave you a saw and tell you to go cut down a tree and you do, how was the tree actually cut down? Was it you....or the saw? Could one do it without the other? As we have freely received, we freely give. Eternal life is defined as knowing the Father. We can give our personal knowledge of the Father away. Healing was placed in the hands of the church also. It is an instrument to be used in the hands of a skilled bearer of the instrument. Like I said, no.matter what Scripture is posted, you can't hear Him because of your unbelief and lack of understanding as to how the Kingdom of God flows from the heavens where we are seated in Christ to the earth in the body we inhabit.

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