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Can Christians And Jews Marry
The modern Jewish faith does not follow God as Christianity knows Him from the Bible. Judaism holds about as much in common theologically with Christianity as Islam does. The bottom line is, you CAN do whatever you want. But marrying someone of a completely different faith is highly unwise, and very clearly spoken against in the Bible.

When Will The Rapture Occur
So can I ask you this question, what difference does it make? If you are about the Father's business when it happens it happens. Keep your mind focused on Christ and your service to Him and he will take care of you no matter what.

Mentals Disorder For Christians
Some sickness is not caused by our own sin, but other peoples sin. All the chemicals, additives, and food lacking in vitamins and minerals that we eat today can cause all kinds of things from cancer to mental illness. Watching what you eat can really help with all illness. Of course not all illness is caused by what we eat, some of it is inherited, some of it is just because our bodies wear out. This body is not meant to last forever. That is why we get a new one when we go to heaven that will. Hallelujah

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
We say in the wedding ceremony "What God has joined together let no man put asunder." How many people go to the alter and get married and God had nothing to do with it? Just because you march down the isle and get married in front of a preacher that doesn't mean the God is in the marriage. If that is true than we need to be forgiven for the marriage not the divorce. When Paul was talking about having one wife, he meant one wife at a time, it had nothing to do with divorce. If God can't forgive the sin of divorce, then Jesus didn't cover ALL sins when he died on the cross did he?

Ever Sent Out A Prayer Cloth
So, does the prayer cloth work? If not then it is just a piece of material. Be very careful with the stuff. Remember that Paul was an anointed apostle that had the gift of healing. Why not just pray for their healing, you don't need a cloth do you?

Can Women Teach Sunday School
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ." Gal. 3:28 Need I say more.

Women Must Keep Silent
I believe this was a situational thing the Paul was talking about. He dealt with a lot of situational and cultural issues in his letters that we don't understand. Women and men were separated and did not sit together. Because women were uneducated they would shout across the room to their husbands. Paul was dealing with this issue when he wrote this. It had nothing to do with the role of women in churches.

I Have Had Two Abortions
If God has forgiven you then you need to forgive yourself. He has those babies and is raising them much better that you ever could have, remember that. He loves you and has forgiven you for what you did.

Do Demons Exist
Are demons mentioned in the Bible? They are, Jesus spent a lot of his ministry dealing with demons. That means they do exist, or do you not believe Jesus?

Early Church Observe Sabbath
Francis, the OT is Christ concealed, while the NT is Christ revealed. The entire Bible is really all about JESUS whether it is spelled out for you or not. Col. 2:16-17 states to not judge re: sabbaths because they were merely shadows of things to come, but we now have Christ who is the substance. Does Heb. 4:11 mean a day or resting in Christ? Focus on Christ!

Early Church Observe Sabbath
Francis, you have no true concept of what the Sabbath is. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Worship any day you like. I have no argument with you there. But come to more of an understanding and maturity in the Word of God. The Sabbath was instituted as a day of rest. Who is our rest? Who is our peace? Who is our Rock? Is it a day or is it Jesus? You tell me? All I ask is that you please don't put your religious demands on others in order to accept them. Whether you like it or not, God is pleased with Christians because of Christ and His sacrifice and not because of anything we have done. His love is not earned by keeping the Sabbath. It is a gift.

What Is Spiritual Pride
I do not see a scripture that specifically mentions a spiritual pride. Pride is pride, whether observed as spiritual or flesh. The church commonly takes the same view as the world in what pride means and that can't be right because the church and the world are not in agreement. True pride is not believing God and acting upon His Word. Many a "humble" person has said no to salvation because they felt unworthy. That is the highest form of pride because Jesus' death made us worthy.

Christians Are Mentally Sick
I'm sorry, but I had a great belly laugh when I read the question. Mental illness can be subjective. It relates to the measures and standards imposed in one's culture and society. Yes, Christians should lose their minds, but in a good way because 1 Cor. 2:16 tells us the reason why. A born again person receives the mind of Christ. The more we read and learn God's Word, the more our minds, thoughts, and emotions become renewed and we begin to think and respond like Christ did/does.

Early Church Observe Sabbath
He had shaved his head in accordance with the law which required him to do that because he had been with the Gentiles and was considered unclean by the Jews. A shaved head was a sign of purification (but he was already pure because of the Blood of Jesus Christ). Paul knew better than anyone about being under Grace and not the law. Paul only did that because of the beliefs of the Jews, not because he himself was subject to it. He was trying to reach all men where they were at for the sake of having an open door to teach them the Gospel. It had nothing to do with Sabbath laws or traditions.

Sinful To Be Cremated Christian
Cremation does nothing but "expedite" the process of turning a body into dust... God is equally able to raise a person's remains that have been cremated as He is the remains of a person who was not cremated... The question of burial or cremation is within the realm of Christian freedom. A person or a family considering this issue should pray for wisdom (James 1:5) and follow the conviction that results.... Blood is made in the bone marrow, according to these scriptures 1 Cor. 15:50-54, flesh and BLOOD cannot inherit the kingdom of God, so we shall all be changed....

7th Day Adventist Defense
It is not the day that we worship on that is important. God told us to enter into His rest. This is what we must do. When God finished His work of creation, His work was done. We cannot add to it, so we are told to enter into His rest. We are to surrender our self life to Him and let Him be on the Throne of our hearts. What day we worship is not His concern. It is the fact that we do worship Him.

What Is Faith
Faith is the KEY to eternal life. Faith is a gift from God by which we can believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, our substitute sacrifice. We cannot work up faith. It must come from God. It is with this faith that we believe. It is what is working in our hearts when we know that God is dealing with us.

Bosses Adultery Irks Me
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Should Christians Go Out Dancing
I have read the blogs and wanted to put in my personal situation. We are snowbirds and began coming to Fla in 04. As a teenager, danceing was our main social activity. In the RV parks, dances are popular and we started going to them. I have been a Christian since I was 12. My husband and I only dance with one another and the music is the 50's or big bands. They teach ballroom danceing. It's very good exercise and we have an enjoyable evening. I don't feel any guilt or feel the Holy Spirit is grieved. When applicable, I have danced before the Lord in Church and many times in my own living room.

Prayer To Stop Smoking
A few weeks back I felt God laying on my heart to quit smoking. I didn't think I was ready and after battling a few days, I quit for a week after praying and giving this habit to Jesus. Then disaster struck, my sister-in law died from a blood clot instantly and I started to smoke again. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to quit. I was baptized today and I thought that this would help wash away my desire to smoke. After more troubling times at home, I gave into the desire and smoked again! I want to quit because I feel that this is stopping my walk with Jesus. Please help! Please pray that this bondage would be taken from me! I say I want to quit, but continue to smoke???? I am grieving over this, please help??

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