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Heaven Destroyed With Temple
Thanks for the input Cluny, however, "passages in Revelation SEEM to..." does not answer my request for scriptures. I have done my homework in the NT and the OT and I do not see scriptures for the building of a 3rd Temple, that why I asked you to please supply them. All I see is Jesus predicting the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Thanks

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
The 2nd Temple was built under the direction of Zerubbabel. Then renovated by King Herod.

Interestingly, the rebuilding of 2nd Temple began less than 100 years or a few generations from the destruction of the 1st Temple.

If there is a 3rd Temple (scriptures please), why is taking so long to be built and then destroyed again within a few years, according to the end time view of today?

Where are you getting that it's called the Anti-Christ's Temple? (scriptures please) If that's the case then it CAN NOT be considered God's Temple or counted as the 3rd Temple or the Mosque sitting there now should count as the 3rd Temple.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
Cluny, please give scriptures that prove there will be a 3rd temple built. I hear people say this, but I think they only assume there has to be one. Where is it Scripture? Plus, why would God allow animal sacrifices to begin again after Christ already paid the price?

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
The woman in Revelation 12 is Israel. There is no biblical exegesis to support the belive that is the church. The only reason why some biblical commentaries insist her to be the church is ONLY becuase they want to equate the Pope with the Beast. If the Catholic church is the harlot then the woman in Rev. 12 better be the church. They are wrong. The harlot is not the catholic church and the pope is NOT the beast.

The harlot is Islam and the beast is a soon to come Syrian-Muslim brokered by Turkey. A man who will rule over Iraq, Iran and lebanon. As soon as the U.S. leave Iraq, Iran will take over and divide the land between them and Syria/Turkey.

Christian Bad Credit Loans
I can only guess. I guess Christians should help the economy by not incurring debts.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Thank you so much for the response. I've been praying alot, seeking answers and for his protection. This has been the worst nightmare to date. Just unbelievable horrid...

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Had a nightmare where 2 demons came into my room. In a half dream half wake status. The room turned completly black then I saw a light sheer through from behind me. The demon quickly turned it off and started to climb on top of me. When he did I awoke with a numb left arm and hard time breathing as if I was being sufficated. What does this mean?

My Husband Just Left Me
Dear Lady: Dont give up on your Husband. He will come back. Be full of courage.

What Is Church Of God
The church of God does not have any kind of denomination becasue God is one, and his church is one.

UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport
You think that I believe in UFO's? You have got to be kidding me. I don't see no stinkin UFO's mang!


Why Is There Sickness
Jesus Christ went through much pain and suffering on the cross, but as we suffer with Him, we also share in His glory too, Halleljuah!

Can I Talk With The Dead
I have gone to quite a few mediums and spiritualist. I have been told that I have the gift and shuold use it.

Christ Against Organized Churches
How about this? "Church" is not a building. "Church" is the people who follow God's can he be against THAT?

Introduce Yourself Blog
My name is Jose Jiminez. Ask Barbara, when she get's back. Se'll know who I am. H&L are not on our Christmas list, either.

Introduce Yourself Blog
My name is Jose Jiminez. I came out of the space program back in 1965. I am retired now but I still miss the adventure. I used to fly over the Nebada desert.

Explain Left Behind Books
We don't need no stinking other books man! I have an idea, "Let's stick with the Bible"!

What Is Church Of God
The church of God does not have any kind of denomination becasue God is one, and his church is one.

Humor Blog #3
What exactly is in bean dip?

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