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I Don't Understand Revelation
The KJV of the bible is correct, and accurate, every word. To claim that it isn't is to call God a liar. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. God wrote the book, using human hands. If anyone thinks One word of the bible is incorrect, Then they are not a TRUE believer.

How Soon Before The Rapture
Children are innocent of all wrong doing. Children are the closest beings to God on this earth. All children will go to heaven. This is another proof that there is not a pre-trib, mid-trib rapture. The beginning, Thn Christ returns, and th- th - th - thats all folks.

Is There No Rapture
Your absolutely right

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Rapture we find the bible clear on this topic, the christians that are alive will be caught up to meet the Lord in the Air! read Thessalonians! yes their will be a RAPTURE but when. (CAN ANYONE SAY PRE TRIB RAPTURE!!! come on folks have you read revelations. what percentage of the people die?(billions of billions) what percentage of the trees are burned? WE THE TRUE believers in Jesus are not appointed to wrath! This is how it will go down?. A terror attack takes place 5 or 6 nukes here in the states maybe 1 0r 2 in europe, but just prior to the nukes going off Rapture. when the smoke clears. theyll say nukes got em. Im having dinner with the KING of KINGS and my family. see ya wouldn't want to be ya!

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Some people out here are not reading the same king james version that i am.

1. Jesus will return soon (approx less than 1 year) I remind everyone here Jesus said Jerusalem will be trodden down with gentiles until the tmes of the gentiles are fulfilled. 1967 is when that happened. so He is not waiting for the last gentile to be saved. (please study)
"You say red sky in morning sailors take warning red sky at night sailors delight. you can discern the sky but not the SIGNS of the times" Jesus

Will God Forgive A Divorce
my wife was in the shower and told me to answer her phone after it was ringing.i saw text messages from a guy that says when are you coming to see me, 2nd said (are you here yet) 3rd said (i know you and your husband was going thru somethings so i did not call,and 4th said (the only thing that's keep me from you is distance and you husband. long story short i wanted to see how long they have been communicating so i looked on the phone bill that i pay and saw that they talked all year.April 08 she took a trip 92 miles from where he that's all i can take.there are 2 sides 2 every story. her complaint about me is i play video games to much and i don't cook enough. is this grounds for divorce and can i remarry and be forgiven

Should I Get Baptized Again
Salvation comes by grace, when one is justified by faith. Water baptism is commanded but not prerequired, anymore than you must take Communion before you can go to heaven. The Holy Ghost is sent by the Father to "anyone" who asks for Him! You must ask, and that's it! I recommend being baptized and taking Communuion in a bible-teaching church, but not for salvation.
CHARIS in Greek (grace) means "gift."

Israeli Sharon Punished By God
If this is true then this round of talks with barack obama and Israel new president
Benjamin Netanyahu will cause somewthing to happen look obama has already showed his hand that he's going to force his will and make Israel bow to obama plan and divide the land so expect something devastating
to happen (if this is real) I recall Mr Bush sr his house was destroyed in kennebunkport when trying to divide the land.

God Turned His Back On Me
im sorry if this offends people who believe this nonsense of enjoy your best life now
stuff people living on this planet are going to suffer hardship! If you haven't you will and people who are suffering receive no help at all from these ignorant christians. Dear sir suffering is horible but is unavoidable we need to continue to hope in Jesus He will return soon. Try to pray everyday. I'm in continuing suffering with no other hope of any relief unless I die or Jesus returns I know suffering but Jesus told us it is bad down here. We are in satans domain this is not our home so resist satan tell Jesus youd rather die in faith then live in doubt continue to believe Jesus Loves You He did not turn His back on you He loves you and hang on!!!

Generational Curses In The Bible
Bob Larson's ministry has demonstrated over and over that Christian's can have demons and have curses on their lives. Yes Jesus has taken away the curse but that's positional truth. I believe breaking generational curses in our lives is a part of working out our own salvation as the NT commands us. The children of Israel were given the promise land but they hand to go and possess the land. Not everything is automatic. Let's not be dogmatic and consider the others point of view especially if it's coherent and logical. I have had a curse remove from my life after I became a Christian. I know generational curses are real.

I Want To Believe In God
GOD is everywhere if you are just willing and open to see.Follow your heart, your head just gets in the way of experiencing GOD. Go back and reread the the words and parables of JESUS in the four gospels.That has always helped me.Sometimes when we hear or see of disasters, we see the worst of things,yet take a look at the response from others around the world, those that are willing to be a "good samaritan" to me that is GOD at work in the world.
For those of you who dont believe in GOD, he still exists to let you live the way you do, thats called GRACE and MERCY.

Who is Myles Munroe?
If my people....who are called by my name....humble my face....turn from their wicked ways....THEN....i will hear from heaven....and heal their land(ours?)

This is an obvious reflection of our ability to call down the power of GOD ...THRU CHRIST(he in us, us in him we in God) do the works that only he is able to do ....THRU OUR COOPERATION....with and in his will. What is so hard for all of us to believe about our purpose on this earth.....THY WILL be done by our ever created, tested and refined by his purpose and power.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
Rob,I know how you feel. My wife divorced me and now I'm raising our 3 kids. I'm human and made mistakes, but I was a good husband and father and lead our family w love and according to God's Word. I've studied and studied-actually hoping for another way, but I do believe it is God's will for our marriage to be reconciled-not just start over with someone else. If my wife never submits to God and returns-she'll have to answer for that on judgement day-but I'm determined to obey God. I pray for her daily. Ultimately, the breakup and restoration of a marriage has to do with an individuals' relationship with God more than the other person. If you're right with God, you can be right with your spouse. Keep seeking and depending on God.

God Restored My Marriage
Congratulations! :) I have been divorced for 2 years, 1 month, and 11 days. Unfortunately, we barely speak anymore (she lives a very ungodly, immoral life, no common ground anymore)---I pray for her daily and hope one day, she will recommit her life to Christ and we too can have a celebration like you are having. Praise God...He is still at work, healing hurts, restoring relationships, marriages, and families!!

Divorced And Remarriage Issues
Cathy-I agree. Jesus calls marrying after divorce adultery, a sin. I cannot find anywhere in His word that changes marriage to another person after divorce from being adultery to being okay to continue just because we ask for forgiveness. When we ask forgiveness for sin-God requires us to stop the act of sinning, to stop grieving God, in order to be forgiven. I know of no way to be repentant of something, to stop grieving God--yet continue in the same act without change--especially in a scenario where a faithful spouse is praying, forgiving, and wants to reconcile. I know it's a hard word to accept..but I believe that's what His word says without any of the world's compromise and twisting.

Divorced And Remarriage Issues
If a couple divorces, and one remarries...the Bible says that is is is sin. According to Bible, the new spouse is committing adultery as well. The Bible also says that if one spouse deliberately disobeys God with the sin of adultery and wrongly marries someone else, they cannot return to their original spouse. How can one truly be repentant about discarding their original marriage/spouse/family for unbiblical reasons, then enter into adultery with a remarriage to someone else--but be regretful of it while still being involved in the sin and other adulterer?

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