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Deadly Anti-Christ Wound
When the anti-christ and the beast are concidered to be the virtual, electronic images created within the ever growing worldwide web, rather than actual humans, then the recent head wound and quick recovering of Arizona's senator could be viewed as an analog reprsentation of Rev.13:3.
Also, if the rare double transition of Venus actoss the Sun (8-years cycle -6/8/2004 and 6/6/2012)does fit in the 7-year tribulation period perfectly.
If the tribulation ends on 6/6/2012, then we are in the 2nd year of the last half (3 1/2 years)of tribulation, when the head woundocc
Just like the builders of the Tower of Babel spoke one language, today's electronic Tower speaks one language, binary. When the network is disrupted, it will fall.

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