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Should I Marry An Older Girl
I think you are still young. You need some 5 more years to really see if she is the right woman for you. Would you marry her when she turns 37 and you are 30? Would you marry her if she turns 40 and you are 33?
33, btw is pretty young. You would find a 30 year old woman then and could have a family after 5 years dating/ or kids after even 7 years of marriage. Now that is the kind of relationship that could grow into something. If you are having doubts stand back and let her go. Or else keep dating for another 3 years at least. Don't rush into it now!

Can We Pray For The Dead
well, i have read the opinions and we all have bibles. though as cited, the dead do not hear, we pray, not so the dead can hear, but so that the Lord has mercy. He is a merciful God. the prayers benefit the dead, who may not hear them. we beseech the Lord to show mercy on the departed souls- all souls regardless of religion.

How To Come Back To God
You would never drift from God if you had truly found Him...He is right there waiting for you to come back, just ASK and He is there.

Is Angel Worship Sin
God alone should be given worship and nothing else. Angels are messengers of truth. it is a case of giving honour to the creature rather than the creator. You think yourself it morally right? The word of god is clear on this just like you rightly pointed out in revelation.

What Is Christian Dating
i'm dating a man i met on Christianet, we've agreed to marry.i visited him in Dec. He's stopped calling regularly.i understand coz he is unemployed, but he logs on his Christianet profile daily. then i stopped emailin to his address & instead wrote 2 him on Christianet so that when he logs on he can reply. he still doesn't write 2 me daily but he logs on daily. Could it be that he has changed his mind about me? i'm praying 2 God 2 reveal Himself 2 me.

I Hate My Husband
I divored my ex-husband after 10 years of abuse. I was afraid to leave because I thought I couldn't make it on my own. Two kids and no education..I stayed because of fear. When I couldn't take it any longer I divored him and learned the real estate/mortgage field. This did not require a degree. Today I make WELL over $300,000 per year and am Happy as hell!!! You can do well if you believe you can!

I Hate My Husband
Ok, don't believe in divorce...But, believe in yourself! Get some counceling and improve your self-esteem. Be creative, there is always a way out. Take a deep breath...that's proof you are alive.

What Is Your Purpose In Life
I think loving others and loving God is my purpose. That is what Jesus calls us to. It may look different depending on who you are and what your gifts are, but the underlying purpose remains the same. I recently read a book that helped me to figure out how to live out these purposes in everyday life. The book is called Chazown by Craig Groeschel. It was really helpful in identifying my own gifts, my struggles and how to reconcile everything to use it in my life and for God's glory.

How To Come Back To God
You would never drift from God if you had truly found Him...He is right there waiting for you to come back, just ASK and He is there.

Have You Dating Over The Net
yes I met a man in May we corresponded for a month talked on the phone for a month and then I went fron Florida to Ohio to meet Him...I fell in love with him and we are still connected.....going on 3 months.....never thought possible but pray and ask the Lord first, he blessed my meeting.

I Don't Think God Is Real
The more you open that Bible and get to personally know Him...I guarantee you will be blown away at how very real He is. Satan keeps you from believing, because of how awesome God really is......keep searching for Him...nothing in this world will matter again.

Can Satan Hear My Prayers
Satan can hear our words but not our thoughts.He can not hear our hearts....he hears our words and so does the legion of evil since he is not omnipotent he can only be in one place at one time...but his evil army and spiritual warfare is everywhere.keep on your armor and follow Jesus he already is victorious

Explain Mark 6:10
There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit....when God came to Earth as Jesus He was flesh to teach us about God the Father....Jesus is God but He was in the Son form to bring others to Him as God the Father....hope that helps!

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