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Divorce My Lazy Husband
I am in your same situation. I am in my late 20's work 2 jobs, seven days a week, and go to school full time (5 classes per semester). My husband (of 4 years) does not work and thinks that he is too good to do retail. I am old fashion and think that men should provide for their house hold but in my case my husband does not. I my self am also tired and the fact that i can not get a day off is hard for me. I have considered divorce many times but there seems to be always something holding me back. Honestly I resent him sometimes and feel like I can not sleep with him because I view him as a child so I definitely know where you are coming from. I would also like advice.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I was married to a man for 19 years who was 21 years older then me and we had the most loving relationship I ever been in.The lord took him home this last march and I truly miss him

Young Women Marrying Older Men
he has so much more than that.. im not only attracted to him physically but as a person too. he has a wonderful personality, he knows when im hurting. he cares for me so much and i get lost in his eyes when i look at him. i may be only 19 yrs old but i know what love is and i have it with this man. he is a godly man and a loving man and i will be honored to be his wife

I Cheated On My Wife 4 Times
Well you can't take back what you did, if she is fed up right know you can't changed her mind in my opinion.

Marry A 2 Year Older Woman
I don't see a problem marrying some one older than you. Pray for guidance.

He Is Not A Virgin
Let him know that he has repented and ask god for forgiveness so he needs to fogive him self. What make the what you will share special is the love of each other and of god. pray for guidance

Raising Minimum Wage
It about time and it should be more.

Husband Beats Me and Kids
you have to get out, if not for you for your children, pray for guidance

Are Men To Rule Over Their Wife
I believe that in a marriage, that the man is the head of the household, but that doesn't mean you are a slave. Pray for guidance

Handle Long Distance Relationship
Some long istance relationships work but you must work at it, and have a good phone plan. Pray for guidance

Girlfriend Wants To Date Others
Let her date and you date too.

Should We Keep Unsaved Friends
I kept my friends we just had to make adjustments, Pray for guidance.

Am I Free From My Husband
im sorry for all your troubles my husband and i have had rough times and he also talked of divorce but i prayed and kept the faith and we are doing good now but as far as are you free i can tell you what the bible says about that read in ist corinthians chapter 7 it says let not the wife depart from her husband but if she does let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband and let not the husband put away his wife.

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