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Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
Hi the Bible teaches us are Bodies are the temple of God so there for i believe cosmetic surgery or the sticking of needles for botics are against Gods words i myself had to have surgery of my eyes for medical reasons not to improve my looks if you need it for medical reason that for your health than in those cases i belive God would approve

Was Katrina God's Judgement
I BELIEVE kATRINA WAS A SIGN FROM God that these things would happen inthe end times they happen everywhere God did not say just becaus you live in america you are not immune thats why you have tornardos and earthquakes and orther distasters

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
M y pastor and the Bible teach in his sermoms that the only way to enter Heaven is you must be saved thru the Blood and the recieveing of Jesus Christ as lord and Savior

Daughter Running Out Of Time
Ibelieve as long as you have taught her about God you are faithful God will bless you ask your draughter was Jesus embrassesed when he died on the CrOSS FOR HER

Is Mardi Gras Catholic
Mardi gras is against everything God teaches us Mardi gras is a form of devil worship it is worshiping idols not our Lord God

One World Church Biblical
As our Lord and Savior said peter you will be the rock on which i will build my Church so in truth there was only one religion at on time as there is only one God and he died on Calvarys cross for the sin of all mankind his was a phyical death of the flesh

How Did God Create The Planet
There is only one answer our Lord God said I AM NO MORE NEED BE SAID

Will God Bless My Affair
How do you expect God to Bless your Marriage when one of the Laws of God strictly states thou shall not commit adultry

Why Do People Leave Church
I believe the reason is that the Pastors put themselves before are Lord and Savior it becomes how important the Pastor is when you do not have a God fearing Bible teaching Pastor then the Church is empty of the Holy Sprit and therefore all is lost

I Struggle With My Marriage
It is sad that either partner stray fron there comittiment to each orther i have been divorced 3 times but cheating was not an option its like Adam and Eve you do not touch forbidden fruit in orther words you do not touch which is not yours a Friend in Christ

Drunk And A One Night Stand
A one night stand could spell more then divorce it could mean herpes or even worse Aids

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
I would vote for Governor Romney in a heart beat he is the only candidate that went on national television and professed that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God how sad it is when we become so small minded that we judge a mam by his regilion i thank our Lord God we he was put to death he never denied beinging the king of Jews

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