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Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
I absoulutely agree.

I Want To Date A Muslim
I don't feel like he is deceived because he has a different belief! The belief is totally that person choice but don't question your belief because the lack of knowledge is the key of finding understanding!!

Can I Leave My Husband
Yes you may leave, as Paul says in the Bible, if your husband consents to live with you , if not you may leave but the Bible DOES NOT speak about remarrying! Therefore you can separate but not remarry. If someone finds something in the Bible that disproves this feel free to reply. :)

My Husband Does Drugs
I just found out my husband has taken drugs again. He has been sober for a few months and in that time has gotten save and baptised and started living for the Lord. So when I found out he is doing drugs I was hurt beyond belief. The last time he did drugs he almost died and DCf became a part of our lives. He is at risk of losing his family now. He is so mad that I called the church and told them what was goig on. Now he is so angry at me and dosn't seem like what e did was such a big deal. Any encouragement and advice would be wonderful.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
I will make this simple.
Unborn babies...
good or evil?
the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these
abortion is it good or evil?
evil so it is not of God
a kingdom divided against itself shall fall
a child has several guardian angels
guardian angels are holy
an interesting question, could a demon possess a mother-to-be and end a life that would have been Satan's nightmare on earth?
perhaps to prolong their time here in this world?
can Satan appear as an angel of light?
one with an easy answer that sounds good... like abortion.
Could a child be a soul who loves heaven so much that they refuse to leave for love of God and they ask and receive
we become as the angels when we die

America's Biblical Worldview
compare spiritual things with spiritual things
if you hate how people are, you don't fit in, people call you crazy or weird,all the answers are in the Bible in battles, spies, mystery, proverbs, parables, seers, oracles, angels, poetry, history, prophesy, wizards and dragons, every interesting book in one. The key to understanding- ask God and if you are a chosen one, you will read it over and over again. It is like watching a good movie if you miss one part you won't get it. How many books do we get in college and how we study... It blows my mind that people aren't rushing to read a book that was written by the spirit of God using a person by dream, angelic messenger, trance, or Holy possession. That does not make a bit of sense to me!

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
I have been married for 12 years, his high school girlfriend has always been around.From family comments to seeing her in town.My husband cheated this year with her.It cute like a knife.My perfect marrage was just like all the rest.But I do have something other don't.I looked in the mirror and asked God to help me don't give me anything I cant deal with.I love my husband.If he cheats again,I know that I gave everything to him this time.No regreats.I do just what I feel now.Because he can not hear what I am thinking.This may not help you.But some people have to lose or be close to losing it to know what they have.Remimber nobody on earth is perfect.We learn and grow.If you need a friend I am here.I will pray for you.

How Do You Pray
As iam a new Christian I sometimes worry about how to pray.I dont want to do it 'wrong'.I find that when i feel good with God i speak to Him throughout my day.I find that it is so easy to talk to Him and pray when i have been filled with the Spirit.I pray for people when their circumstances touch my heart, which is alot i am very sensitive.I pray for hope love and healing in the world and my friends, family,for help and guidence for myself.I mostly thank God for His Grace and Mercy.

Equally Yoked In The Bible
2 Corinthians6:14 (On being equally yoked and like-minded)

How Long Was Your Engagement
Evan and I started courting the 2nd day after meeting eachother. 2 months later he proposed. This was all very much so covered in prayer and included the constant guidance of our Lord, the blessing of our parents, and seeking the Lord's wisdom. We get married in 9 months... On our 1 year anniversary.


What Does 7 Biblically Mean
You may have heard the year 2007 means, the year of completion. The number seven means, completion, to be complete.

Reading Harry Potter
Wow...lots of those opposed..better rid your librairy of everything Walt Disney as well...teach your children the biblical teachings on witchcraft and sorcery and enjoy the fascinating stories of HP."everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial"..know your children and yourselves..too wrapped up? Then look away...entertained and know it's a story? Enjoy...and while this debate is going on and on is anyone out there practicing Matt 28:18-20? Don't forget your mission.

Why Did God Give Us Free Will

I like your thoughts however I was wondering if you had any scripture to back this up. Thanks

Gateways For Demons
i think things that have to do with the tarot cards and ouija boards..I think Satan wants us to think they're "fun" so he can get to us.

Valentine's Day Gifts
I would say...all of the above lol..jk :P


Our Responsibility To Animals
I think so because they are God's creation.


When Should A Women Be Submissive
The word 'submissiveness' is outdated and shouldn't apply to modern relationships. It implies a hierarchy, a master and servant role as opposed to a mutually respectful partnership. Some enlightened individuals out there can contemplate the deeper meanings of the scriptures but many people take words like 'submissiveness' too literally! When Our Heavenly Mother is recognised as standing alongside our Heavenly Father and both are honoured as our Creators, questions like this will become meaningless.

Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me
I understand your pain. I was also in a similar situation as you find yourself. Although it may not seem like much, with all that is within you hold onto God, he is with you walking every step of the way. He has an awesome plan for your life. As much as it may seem like God isn't there, he is in control, guiding and directing your evey step. It does get better, I promise. You are stronger than you know, so hang in there. Don't be bitter, be better!

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