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What Is A Backslider
Read the parable about the 4 soils. It tells you only the one that is rooted and grounded will make it

Explain 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
If women were to keep silent in chuch why did Philip have four daughters who prophysied. Read where the people were at and what was going on. The women were on one side and the men on the other and they were yelling back and forth. That is why Paul said go home and ask your husband they were totally out of order.

Can A Priest Forgive Sins
No man can forgive sin. Jesus said He was the way the truth and the life. No man can come to God only thru Jesus . NO MAN

Should Christians Use Curse Words
The Bible says no corrupt communication should come forth out of your mouth.

Come Back To My Husband
I would not. I was married for 9 years. My husband was an alcoholic. He kept saying things and saying things but never changing despite my prayers and anything that I would say. Perhaps you could spend time with your husband while living apart and see if you see a definite change. God does change people. Be careful.

Christians Marry Muslims
I was married to a Muslim man from Cairo Eqypt. We had a warm, loving, caring marriage and would still be together if it had not been for 9/11. I loved him too much to see the way he was being treated after 9/11/ To this day, we still send emails back and forth daily.

Is Obama Muslim
This is ridiculous!!! He has said that he is a Christian. So what if he is Muslim, what difference does it make? Romney is a Mormon I don't see that plastered on your blog as an issue. Let's not be religious fanatics and forget what the principles in the bible are or twist them to fit our needs.

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Have wondered the same. Am curious to see Biblical replies.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
War is always a very difficult situation. In the Bible God put His stamp of approval on some wars and not on others. I guess that is where we as a nation need to be praying about this. I feel we must stay there for awhile longer. How long I am not sure. We have to continue to pray.

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Sylvia, you may like Wicca. But truely you do not know MY Jesus. He loves the religious hypocrites just as much as he loves wiccans. The point is do YOU beleive that you have sinned and do YOU need a Savior? I do. My Savior is Jesus.

Donald Trump And Rosie Odonnell
Trump should have ignored her as Letterman and Leno have both made comments about Trump and his hair style. With all his money he could have bought a good piece of hair. My son did.

Cursed If You Don't Tithe
I'm sure you won't starve if you tithe...GOD PROMISED to bless you when you trust, obey and tithe. Do you not trust God and take him at his word? One thing I can tell you for WILL miss God's abundant blessings. Read Malachi 3:

Don't Know Who Got Me Pregnant
For Medical reasons you need to know who the real Father is. Have a DNA test done then you can go from there.God will lead you to do what is right.

Husband Has Nudes and Love
No, my husband is not a christian. I have talked to him till I am blue in the face. I have asked him to go get help or to talk with our pastor. He says there is nothing wrong with him. He came into the world necket, why not walk around this way. He see's nothing wrong in it.I believe in marrage vales hole heartly.

Blog Suggestion To Avoid Confusion
I have'nt meet anyone on here with the name of Lois, as you will not find to many people with this name. I am unual. But I will be Lois#1 just in case we were to get another Lois.

Mental Health Problem A Curse
I believe mental illnesses are in herited. May be by ways our parents corrected us growning up. I was brought up in a Christian home. My parents were strick on some things. What we could or could not do. I have major depression & anxiety attacks. Lot of it I fill I am this way, cause of the ways my husband is abuseful to me.Its his way or the high way.I fill sorry for him when it comes time for him to answer to God for his doings.

ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome
I have a daughter that has ADHD. I took her to a doctor to be tested. He told me she had ADHA. He put her on medcine that she only needed to take once a day. It help so that she could be able to control herself. She is older now.(20yrs. old) Still have some problems at times. She does not like to be told what to do or not. But I have talked with her, told her only way she is going to get on in life is for me to tell you what your doing right or wrong.I am hoping God will heal her. She could live a peaceful life.

Are You Ready To Meet Your Maker
Yes, I am ready to meet my God with all my heart and soul. I had cancer four years ago. My husband told me that the doctor told him I died serval times. But the reason why I am not in Heaven yet. Is God was not ready for me yet. I have been a christian sence I was 15 years old. I am not saying I have not sin and made mistakes as I have. But God is always there to forgive and forget. I am ready when God wants me.I do believe God died for my sins.I pray everyday, nights for all my family and friends, that are ready or not yet.My husband is not a christian. Pray that he will accept soon.

Struggling With Things In My Life
God will do things in our life to see how strong of a person we are.Just because you are struggling with things in your life PLEASE don't quit. God, will give you a answer in some way or another.Christian Life is worth it. We need God in time of needs.I have been a christian sence I was 15.Its been worth. God, has answered a many prays in my life.Keep Trusting in the Lord. You will see great things in life. If you like to become freinds. Chat and all. Fill free to email me.

My Husband Desires Other Women
Understand you very well. My husband did 21 years in the military. I found out that he was cheating on me, while he was stationed in another state. He swears he has never had affairs on me. But I do know he is lieing to me. I have proof of it. Plus, my girls and myself went to visit him one weekend we caught him up in his trailer with another woman. I try to forget and forgive but its a very hard thing to do. I have prayed and left it in God's hands. He is going to answer for all his faults.

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