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Don't Want To Go To Church
did anywhere in the bible jesus told you to attend any church, if not then you must check it out what is the meaning of the church, you don't do your own way

Jehovah Or JHWH For God
The pronouncing of JHWH and YHWH is lost but that does not mean we should not try to pronounce it in our own language. My name simon sounds different in say hebrew or greek but you would still pronounce it in your own language if you were talking about me.
His son jesus used it and made it known to his disciples.
It was of utmost importance in the lords prayer as jesus told us to pray for it to be made holy.
If there was one place jehovahs holy name should be written down and spoken of consistently then it is in his holy bible and place of worship.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
Does anyone know since when Trinity United Church has become a church? It had always been a social club under the name of Christ. I think it is simply a non profit organization.

Glenn Beck's Teaparty March
Trish, you're right, economics have no impact on spirituality, economics are the reflection of society's spirituality! Economics did not do anything to promote God because they are not founded in or look to the spiritual things from God, thus is the result to one end and one end only,- Profit.
God Bless.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
Eloy, please, do not be so upset with the rest of us. Yes, it is disrespectful to talk negative about the presidents office, however, this blog is generally speaking is rather mild on this president who brought all of the criticism on himself by the way he runs the office and also because of what he'll try to "change" if he is not stopped. Do you really believe that turning this, once great nation into European Socialist democracy (and the word democracy here is applied loosely) deserves respect and could be called Good?
I'm sure you'd disagree with me on this, and that's alright because you still can, since we still live in democracy, thou I'm not sure for how much longer. God Bless.

Glenn Beck's Teaparty March
To All Here:
Have you notice that the blog on this topic clearly reflects the state of our union, or shall I say disunion!
May we be all reminded of the Lord's warning of house divided before it falls.
God Bless.

Difficult Scripture To Understand
As wind signifies life, therefore, the Lord teaches about the regeneration of man. All things that Lord provides man with during the Regeneration can never be completely known or revealed. Thus, man does not know of this fact, still less can he know in what manner he is being regenerated by the Lord. Because natural man does not know when Truth in him
has life, consequently when or how Regeneration goes on, thus according to the Lords words in John:
"The wind bloweth where it willeth, and thou hearest the voice thereof, but knowest not whence it cometh, and whither it goeth, so it is with everyone that is born again of the spirit"

Difficult Scripture To Understand
That one who is in Christian good will permit an evil person to take these away as far as he can, is described by what the Lord says in
reply on the same subject. Resist not him that is in evil signifies that there should be no fighting back of retaliation, because good does not fight with the evil, much less does it return evil for evil, but it allows it to be done, since it is protected by the Lord, and therefore no evil from hell can do it harm.
Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also signifies if anyone wishes to do harm to the perception and understanding of truth, it may be allowed to the extent of the effort, the cheek signifies the perception and understanding of Truth. God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
Hypothetically speaking, yes, old Soviet Union constitution said that one has right to worship. The problem with this is that I had found out about it only when I came to US as a political refugee. Living in USSR I had no clue, since it was not advertised to public, but rather was for show off to the "Free World", very much like it is in China, Cuba, Venezuela.., etc, and the only worship allowed was in Siberian Work Camps.
USSR's constitution, inside of that country would not be found, or even heard of!!! And to be perfectly honest with you I must ad that If I could have founded it printed in paper, I would have put it to proper use, since under central government planning system you would not be able to buy toilet paper.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
Glenn does not scare me, you do, on occasion. As I've said, I do not buy Glenn's ideas, they are mine to begin with based on my experience.
I don't need to check on Glenn's ideas, he is just getting started, but I could point to him few more things he had not looked into yet. As far as Obama goes, I don't know what he believes, but I do watch "the fruits" of his labor and pay attention to what end it is done. That tells me a lot more then his speeches written by someone else.
You see, no one ever believes that their freedoms could be taken away, very gradually and under "very nice" pretext, until its too late. So, please be watchful and lets pray that this will pass us over. God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology

I do not buy into Glenn's ideas, - I resonate with them, since they are mine to a great degree. Perhaps you do not see the spiritual state of this nation the way I do, we see different details. My problem is that I have an experience of living in godless state like USSR and know first hand what is lack of freedom feels like, or what is spiritual slavery! So, what Glenn speaks is not news to me. I'm just glad that we finally have a public voice(s) to question the goals of "progressiveness", thou to me, it is actually "regressiveness". For many of you this is an interesting philosophical discussion, but for me it is a regression in horror. God Bless, and please be watchful.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
I think it is clearly established by now that there is no info or facts that will change your mind about Glenn Beck. So, let it be!
Once again, if you do not know was is honor, then how would you know that it's lost?
Take care and God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
Re: ...three "holy" books on the coffee table.
I'm sorry but I'm totally unfamiliar with Mormon teachings, so if you do not mind, what are the names of these books, please. Thanks and God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
The problem with any explanation always is in the desire of one person to comprehend position of another. If you do not see that we as a nation had lost an honor, then I do not know if it would be possible to show this to you in scores of examples. In other words, you'll not except it, since you've already made up your mind about Glenn and his message, as it shows in your writing. So, what is the point? God Bless.
In general, if one knows of spiritual honor, one knows that it was lost!

Location Of Armageddon
JackB, my friend, where did you see me say that haven and hell are not real? They are. I do not know much of JW at all, so perhaps you have a point there. But the point you might be missing in what I've tried to share with you, is rather very simple. Book of Revelation is the spiritual judgment of the churches, both Protestant and Catholic, and not the story to be manifested in physical realm. This Book is of utmost importance, as I've stated before, and thus to be understood properly rather then expect it contents to be physically manifested. God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
To KarenD. I don't think that Glenn promotes Mormons belief on his show. Point with native's history was brought up in the context of showing how selective our history text books have been manipulated to present not what is true, but what is convenient to one's agenda, in the long series of segments on our history.
Incidentally, native American history is a lot older than most realize. Like many nations after them, they have started with spiritual blessedness and ended up losing that spiritual connection with Divine God, thus began their worship of Mother Earth and the only connection remained is with their ancestors in spirit, of which not many are communicating from Haven. But this is another story altogether. God Bless.

Doctrines To Be Saved
To Cluny
What do you think the clergy of the church means when they teach to pray to Father for the sake of the Son to receive Holly Spirit? Does it sound to you that the laity is receiving such instruction as unity in Trinity or as three different individuals? I've talked to many and unfortunately three individuals come up in the their mind, thou on their tongues sometimes, I hear confession to One God. That is my experience, please it should not be taken personally. God Bless.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
To Whom it May Concern.
The tree is known by its fruit, so judge Glenn by his works and please stop the silly discussion about LDS, which has nothing to do with his TV or Radio message. There is hardly more honest and excepting human being among us and true Christian, not because his Mormon, but because he speaks and DOES what's proper before the Lord as it should be, and as it is stated in His scripture.
From Rev. Whitefield's sermon circa 1760 and in brief: When one asked Abraham if there were Presby's in haven, the answer was no, and when asked about Lutheran in haven, the answer was no, it was same answer for all other protestants by denominations. Then Abraham was asked of who is then in Haven and he said: CHRISTIANS! God Bless.

Location Of Armageddon
Dear Catherine.
Did some died and made you God? You're entitled to your opinion, but "let the judgment be mine" said the Lord, our God.
God Bless.

Location Of Armageddon
I'm not sure if it will please or upset you to know that there will not be such a battle in the physical world, period!
Everything in the book of Revelations is the spiritual account of things taken place in the spiritual realm, therefore to take that book LITERALLY is a mistake, thou the book is of colossal importance, if understood properly. Thus, and for example, one should not expect the third of the stars falling, literally, but rather inquire into the spiritual meaning of stars and numeral 3 or 3rd, meaning the same.
God Bless.

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