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Not Right For Each Other Divorce
Can an unbeliever divorce a non-believer (alcoholic) and remarry someone else who's a believer. I feel my husband is blocking my blessings, and keeping me away from God. We have a child together and I want to raise him in a christian home. Tell me what God would say, not what the world would say, I don't want to go to hell for wrong answers, please, thanks!

Husband Seeing Old Girlfriend
what if the husband contacts his ex-girlfriend through e-mail. Does that count as cheating in God's terms? Would it be counted as lusting through his heart/flesh? Can you divorce him, then?

Can God Heal A Diabetic
God can heal anyone of anything.He raised the dead.Nothing is impossiable with God

Black Woman Wants White Man
I am white and married to a black man. My family is from the south and have been prejudice. Before I met Bob I was surrounded by white christian men but I became drawn to black men. I felt like something was wrong with me and asked God to give me the man he wanted and He gave me Bob. My family loves him. In seven years together we have never had a problem with racial remarks. God is using us in so many ways. Wait on God.

Miss The Traditional Church
Cluny, Ignatius and Leej, why aren't you using scripture to prove your point? It looks like Servant backs up everything he says with scripture. Please don't use your church tradition to prove it, USE SCRIPTURE!

Miss The Traditional Church
I'm sorry, instead of saying statues I meant icons. I have family members that attend the Orthodox church. They kiss icons. Since it is the practice of the church why don't you kiss icons?

Miss The Traditional Church
Cluny, please explain why you kiss statues of Mary or any other saints. Wouldn't that be idol worship? God is really apposed to men taking trees and wideling the branchs down to an image and then worshipping it. Please read the Old Testament.

Miss The Traditional Church
It could be that Cluny has a religious spirit. It can happen in any church or person that exalts themselves higher than other's in the Kingdom of God.

How To Treat Church People
Jesus,was no respector of person.It's sad but true my own church if you dont have money or have a high paying job you are nobody.GOD is Love and thats the way every one should be treated/

I See Spirits All The Time
If you haven't already repented of your sins and asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life, then you ought to do so. Also, if you haven't been baptized, you should be. Furthermore, you need to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ told Nicodemus, "...Except a man be born of the water and of the Spirit, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." (John 3:5)

You need help from the Holy Spirit.

Where Is The Garden Of Eden
God took it up into Heaven.

Asking For Poor People's Money
Jesus Christ watched the poor widow put in her last mite. Surely He blessed her for it.

Can The Devil Talk To Your Mind
1. I seriously doubt that the one and only Almighty God would ever say please to anybody.

2. God would not give anyone an anger. However, in His anger He might chastise us.

No offense, but I think demons are more likely to give an anger, not God. Remember that none of the fruits of the Spirit include anger.

Once Saved Always Saved
The LORD'S people are those who are His as long as they don't sin and fall away henceforth. There is also the possibility of God refusing someone (a former Christian) because of sin such as blasphemy - especially of the Holy Ghost. Of course in such cases, the person should fully repent and seek God and His forgiveness, for with God all things are possible.

Demons Fill My Mind
Yes, demons can. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you. Keep praying for the Holy Spirit until you hear from Him. He knows what to do about it. You need Him for the rest of your life and so do we all.

Can The Devil Talk To Your Mind
Demons are bold and will lie about anything.

Yet God might talk to anybody in their head or audibly because there is nothing that He cannot do. There are no rules to hinder Him from talking to a person. Why would He never say a word to people? God does as He pleases. Some people may hear from Him often, but don't tell others about it because it is like casting your pearls before swine - the swine may turn around and trample you.

Pray for God to reveal the truth to you & I suggest that you pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you. Keep asking for the Holy Spirit until you hear from Him.

Muslim Mosque By Ground Zero
I have prayed to God that it never happens. People act crazy these days. This nation is all about freedom, yet they are too afraid to speak out and voice their real feelings and opinions and work for what they beleive. Any protest they make, they think they have to gauze it up like cotton candy. This nation is a Christian nation, not a Moslem nation, not a Buddhist nation, nor of any pagan religion. This nation was founded on the Christian religion and on Christin principles. Furthermore, Washington, Jefferson and Madison, for example professed a belief in God and Jesus Christ. God will judge this nation.

Are Free Masons A Cult
Those who don't believe freemasonry is evil can find out on the internet. There are many sites that spill the beans about them. Most freemasons, they say, think they're doing something good until they climb up higher. The ones that reach 33degree & very near that number are the ones that have such evil agendas.

Tip Of The Day Blog
John 3:5 Jesus Christ said, "Verily, verily I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God."

We must have the baptism of water and receive the Holy Spirit. If we have water baptism only, it is not enough. We need to pray for the Holy Spirit until He reveals Himself to us and leads us from now on.

Do You Fear God
Yes. Woe be to those who don't. GOD KNOWS.

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