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Is Obama The AntiChrist
1. God's way is in the Sanctuary. Psalms 77:13.
2. Lucifer was right next to God's glory and was a protector of the Mercy Seat and God's Law. Ezekiel 28:14-16 & Exodus 25:17-22.
3. God's Law is Love, but the 10 Commandments are God's Law of Love for dummies in a sinful state.
4. Sin is the transgression of the Law. 1 John 3:4.
5. Lucifer sinned (broke the Law of God) and was cast out of heaven. Rev 12:3,4,7-9.
6. The End-Time issue is worship God as he commanded, or worship in a manner that that is not the Word of God. Rev 14:6-12, Rev 13.
7. Only those that do God's commandments can claim this promise. Rev 22:14

Is Eternal Punishment Biblical
1. Christ took on Himself the sins of all the world, those who accept Him as Savior and those that do not.
2. The cross is the ultimate example of God's punishment for sin.
3. Jesus did not burn in hell forever and ever.
4. So if you are lost, why will you burn forever for your own sins, when Jesus our Savior, who took on the sins of the world did not?
5. God gave us His Son to save us. It is Satan who would burn you in hell forever if he had the opportunity.
6. Satan has artfully given to God his own evil attributes, and has successfully infiltrated the church with this teaching.

Boyfriend Living In Sin
Yes, you are living in sin. Both of you need to ask God for forgiveness, (individually and alone - preferable). God will forgive at that moment. God says stop the sin practice. He does not say how long between the end of sin and marriage. Get Biblical marriage counseling. (I feel that living together has provided different views of each others' commitment and duty). When God tells you are ready, make it a special day! A special day that shows you have been released from the bondage of a sin.

USA Founded As Christian Nation
World trade center collapsed. Exactly seven years later, world trade collapsed. With a Stock Market point drop of 777.7 points. As per Dean Coombs, Toronto, Canada.
The market close was 9605 on September 11, 2001 and 9-11-09 and 9-10-01.
9605 = 9/11.
9(6+0+5) = 9(11)

Can Christians Be Cremated
While Christianity, in recent history has allowed cremation, it is not in the Christian tradition. Burial is the tradition of Jewish and Christian tradition as outlined in Old and New Testament. Burial was specified and described in the Bible in every situation. Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, David, Jesus Christ and Stephan are all described. The issue is not the ability of God to perform a physical resurrection of the body in Heaven, but the testimony that burial represents. Christian burial presents an opportunity for the Believer to testify to the fact that they have served a physically resurrected Christ and as a demonstration of the scriptural mandate, "it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body." 1 Corinthians15:44

Books Missing From The Bible
Yes. There are many. I saw a portion last year. Escorted by the secretary to the Papal Confessor. No big deal other than "they" decided what was going in to the present day version. Go figure.

And the inquisition? Why sure, there is a god. Yeah, right.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Mr. Camping is a false prophet - not answerable to anyone, and is clearly deceived. The Church in many cases, indeed has lost its way - esp. with major denominations. But it hasn't gone out of business & is alive and well and thriving w/great blessings from many Pulpits each week. I just listened to Mr. Camping answer questions from a young man who has gone out on a limb by believing the 5/2011 end times prophecy, explaining how all of his friends have deserted him including his girlfriend of many years and that he's lonely, etc., and Mr. Camping's reply was to quit feeling sorry for himself and rejoice that he has found the truth. The Blind following the Blind! My advice would be to quit 'Camping out' and go find that girlfriend!

Prophet Divinator Differences
God does not predict the future, God knows the future. A prophet of God tells what God knows. If a prophet claims to be of God and is wrong ONCE then that prophet is not of God. Many are 'inspired' by God, this does not make them prophets. Matt. 24:5, Many will come in my name saying, 'I am of Christ', and will deceive many. A 'divinator' is always a false prophet, and is working on behalf of Satan. Anyone who claims to be a prophet of God and teaches anything different than what Jesus Christ himself taught is a false teacher, or prophet.This category includes Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddie, Ellen White, Nostradamus and the 'apostle' Paul. All of them taught something different than Jesus Christ, which excludes them from being prophets of God.

If I Became A Christian
Jesus the Messiah DID NOT come to earth to found the "Christian" church. He came to testify to the Truth. Today's Christian church comes from Catholicism (councils of Nicea, Leodicea), a diluted 'Romanized' version of Judaism, constructed by Paul (Saul- a gentile and a Roman citizen) employed by Rome for the purpose of mitigating the conflict and stopping the rebellion of the Jews against Rome. Paul was in constant conflict with James, Peter, and John in the Jerusalem assembly over doctrine.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Mary is dead, and the dead know not anything (Eccl. 9:5). All but three of the verses that greyrider quoted were from Paul. He provides the context for Christianity of the eternal soul. He also believed in predestination, which is anathema to free will. The three verses greyrider quoted in the Old Testament have no direct bearing on the current subject. Jesus Christ taught soul sleep (Lazarus is asleep, Lazarus is dead,John 11:11,14). Believe Paul, believe Jesus Christ, you decide.

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