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Debt Crisis God's Judgment
Taxpayers just supply the money. Congress decides how to spend it...they need to cut spending...even if they can't give everybody everything they want. Tax revenues can never catch up.
(not even if you tax those who earn at or more than 250K at 100%)

Alan of UK-- That's just my point! The U.S. doesn't deserve a AAA rating, at least not according to Standard and Poor. The government has brought this on themselves...Our debts nearly equal our GDP.
We are just a step behind Greece. Would you expect S & P to rate Greece AAA?

Some call it God's judgment, OK. And maybe it is.
I call it cause and effect.

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
Mark--The whole problem is that we have been spending money with NO thought as to how we will pay when the debt is due! Our government is like a kid with his first credit card...who has no money of his own, but relies on somebody else to bail him out if he overspends.

Citizens of the U.S. WILL pay the bill. Government HAS no funds of its own.
But taxpayers have been the enablers of financial recklessness. To pay and pay and pay some more is NOT common sense.
Let the government FIRST figure how to to cut expenses. The REAL answer is to CUT SPENDING.
Thank God, Standard & Poor, by reducing our "credit rating" (so to speak),is a voice our government cannot ignore.

Denominations Needed
Trav--We are all accountable to God...pastors in a special way. But sometimes a little wise human supervision...and the potential for human censure... can keep us headed in the right direction.

Finish It Here July Blog
"Racism" exists even among peple who are actually of the same "race".

Some Americans, due to bias in history education, think that black slavery and the displacement of Native Americans were the cruelest actions of all time, not trends repeated again and again in the history of the world. Every tribe and nation has a history of cruelty. Most at some time had slaves. Some used torture that would boggle the imaginations of atomic weaponry experts. The history of the planet revolves around groups of people being displaced by others

Citing these facts doesn't "excuse" anybody of anything, only indicates that AMERICANS have not been more sinful than mankind in general.
The nature of man is sinful.

Are Pastor Jobs Easy
I am not a pastor. But I certainly hope Paul doesn't have to deal with too many "sewers of discord" in his pastorate. I enjoy spirited discussion, even debate, when carried on with respect.

I've never had a desire to "chat" on CN or share my profile, because of all the bickering. I apologize if I have contributed in any way to the atmosphere of bitterness and rancor here, when I've disagreed with various views.
However, I'm now leaving CN for some healthier associations.

Outbursts Of Worship
Andy 3996 -- Sorry about the misunderstanding. The Holy Spirit may speak to us, but our own spirit, and how we respond, is within our control.
1 Corinthians 14:32
"And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."
Note the lower case "s".

aka-- You still seem to think Donna was somehow "out of control" She was not, if it was the Spirit of God speaking to her because He doesn't make us "do" anything we aren't willing to do. I assumed it was the Spirit of God because Satan does not impel us to give praises to God.
Donna could have kept her mouth shut, but despite some fear, she did not. I think she is to commended for her eagerness to please God.

Outbursts Of Worship
Paul-- Sorry you are leaving CN. But I understand. In fact, I'm leaving for the same reasons.
I think you and I disagreed about some things, but I can't remember what they were.
(sometimes age-related forgetfulness is a blessing) Hope there were no hard feelings.
Anyway, I consider you a brother in Christ. And I wish you and your wife continued blessings and fruitfulness for Him.

Husbands Praise Your Wives
Paul-- Thanks for your encouraging note about divorce not necessarily being the "end". It was for me. One bad experience, and I never found the courage to try again. Maybe others will find a glimmer of hope from your post. God cares for us in whatever state we find ourselves.

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
alan of UK-- Like many unanticipated and shocking events, 9-11 still causes
controversy...still seeks an explanation.

A few think the US government was complicit, but that's not the majority view.

I thought Mima was saying he thinks that military action may be the only way out of being forced into a "one-world government" (which many believe will be set up by the Anti-Christ). But if that's what he meant, it has nothing to do with the US being "God's special nation". Other nations who might rather keep their sovereignty, haven't the same power to resist militarily as the US. That's just a fact.

But by the time that happens, it may be that Americans won't even care.

Holy Spirit Church Building
//Remember God's will, God's bill. If He has called you to do something he will make a way for you to make the payments.?//

Amen Scott! Glad your church isn't tied to a "building".

Outbursts Of Worship
Strongaxe--I've heard many say the same thing. And it's true. But we should also not let this kind of "pushy" (literally and figuratively) zealot, color our view of all charismatic experiences. As I said, and you quoted from scripture, "the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

Donna5535- I'm sorry your experience frightened you. When something like this happens to me (which isn't often) I usually feel even more confident in the Lord!
2Ti 1:7 ..GOD hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind..
Your job sounds unusual. Seems like you need both wisdom and trust in God to handle the situation. Two bosses competing(?) with each other. yikes!

Religion Inspires Violence
kathr-- You didn't specify which mistreatment of the Jews you were referring too. As you well know, the occasions have been many.

Where Do You Go To Church
MarkV--Amen! It's sad to see people who truly love God and Jesus Christ, who have been redeemed because of His love, rejecting each other due to of religious labels. Surely it must break the heart of God at times.

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
Allen---I said it was wrong and inhumane. If it makes you feel better, it was WICKED, UNGODLY, DESPICABLE! That's WHY it was ABOLISHED!
What else needs to be said?

BTW,we were not "slaves" to England...even indentured servants could "earn" their way to freedom! Politically, we had an unpalatable bond to England which we fought to escape, but that's hardly analogous to the inhumanity of "slavery".

Outbursts Of Worship
Strongaxe-- Do you think Donna5535 was so completely taken over that she could NOT control what she was saying? I want to correct a common misconception about charismatics, that they sometimes become overwhelmed by something they cannot control nor prevent.
That's far from true. The spirit, indeed, IS subject to our control!

It sounds like Donna was surprised, but not at all inclined to block, or cut short, what she felt was praising the Lord.

MarkV--Many Pentecostals do NOT follow the "faith teachers", but they still may come off as if "boasting" at times. (Of course, "non-Pentecostals" may also appear to do the same thing).

Religion Inspires Violence
kathr4453-- I haven't forgotten the torture and murder of countless innocent Jews (are you talking about WWII?) Were all those who did that "Christian"? Does Constantines acts really prove anything about Christianity...or just about Constantine. So only 2 out of 8 Crusades were successful. What has that to do with anything. I don't understand your point. I see no reason to either defend or villify the RCC or the Crusades of 800 yrs ago. That was then...history. The world has always been violent.

I don't understand your personal attack on my Christianity, either. Is it all because I don't agree with Allens premise?

Do you want me to post examples of all the MILLIONS killed by non-Christians? I could. but for what purpose?

Religion Inspires Violence
Allen--//Godless China and godless Russia have never used nuclear weapons against any population.//

No, they tortured, killed and starved and committed unspeakable atrocities upon, thousands in prison camps and gulags. They shot as many more in cold blood in front of (or along with) their wives and children.
Did you never read about the Bataan Death March in WWII? Probably not. It would be politically incorrect to teach that!
I'd rather die by a bomb any day.

But why all this comparing cultures to see who is MOST violent? It won't prove to anyone you have reason to hate Christians or the United States. If that's you're sentiment, so be it. You are entitled to believe whatever you want.

Denominations Needed
The biggest problem with "non" denominational churches, I think, is that their pastor is accountable to no one. It's OK if the the doctrine is basically sound (i.e. not grossly "heretical" to the majority of churches) and the administration is honest.
But without oversight there is always a risk of a church becoming "cultic", unethical,
or even fraudulent financially or otherwise.

False Teachers In Christianity
Cluny--- Not everything in the Christian life is "objective". What SHOULD the voice of the Holy Spirit sound like?
Oh well,'s probably not Orthodox to believe that the Holy Spirit speaks.

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