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USA Founded As Christian Nation
The USA was not founded by Christians or as a Christian nation. There are four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, they are MURDER..USA leads the world. Second, THE CRY OF THE WIDOW..The USA leads the world in abandoning its widows..Third Sin is SODOMY, USA leads the world in this perversion, and lastly UNJUST WAGES, the USA created the stock market, where the worker no longer has a face and the root of all evil money rules the market. Where profits come ALWAYS before the wage earner or we will exploit unjust labor elsewhere. The USA was founded by protestants by the first protestant himself..SATAN who wanted to democratically elect himself GOD....So what has Satan been up to for the last 250 years?

What Day Is The Sabbath
Sabbath is not a human day of midnight to midnight. God considers a day, from sundown to sundown, not midnight to midnight. So the Sabbath can be sundown on Friday to Sundown on Saturday(Jewish Tradition) or sundown Saturday to sundown Sunday(Catholic Tradition). What is important here is rest from your labour and to set aside a COMPLETE day to worship your CREATOR..

False Teachers In The Church
Was Judas one of the twelve? Jesus said, Father I have kept all the YOU have given me, except one, who is lost. You see even Judas went out two by two and performed miracles, healed and he was even the trusted minister of finance of the twelve and look at him now. Imagine one in twelve in your church is playing for the other is a work of charity to cry wolf when it enters in among the flock!

Listen to what the Spirit has to say!

No Holy Communion
Catholics must partake once a year, but since the Church is in eclipse and underground since Vatican II is is harder to find a true Catholic Priest...pray without ceasing..

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