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Denomination Is Right One
To be honest, scripture states that there is only ONE FAITH, ONE GOD, but yet everyone who attends their Church believes that they are right. The Bible says that there is just ONE true Church, but where is it?

It is up to the individual to seek out the truth for themselves because there are hidden nuggets that tell where that true Church is. Think about it.

Husband Puts Me Down
Abuse is abuse. It is a blood crime.. no different than adultery.. Jesus didn't die for your husband to emotionally murder you. Love yourself enough to stand up for yourself and ignore the ignorant prattle of these scripture twisting control freaks.

Pastor Allowing Church Affair
Those elders are not doing their job if they don't confront this pastor if they they have evidence of him having an affair. The qualifications for an elder (which the pastor must also adhere to) say he is to be a "one-woman man."

Is Fornication Showing My Love
Read Corinthians 6: 9-11

Another thing to add...

Let one without sin, cast the first stone. Hmmmmm

I Hate My Husband
Robyn, is that why you married a much older man, because all of those younger husbands were cads? An older husband has a harder time chasing cars.

Who is John Hagee?
That was quite a show, Chipper.
Do you feel better now? The man really give you a huge pinch, doesn't he?

Should Spankings Be Illegal
I think if you saw more adults get spanked we would not have all this violent everywhere

USA Founded As Christian Nation
This nation was founded to bring glory to the Lord they were all Bible believers were not Satan worshippers as some say. No place in constitution does it say church and state should be apart. The money says in God we trust not something else so please stop listening to those who want to rewrite history leaving God out.


Are We Living In The Last Days
Some wisdom I found a long time ago. It is how I sign all my correspondence.
"In times like these it's good to know there have always been times like these..." Good to know the every day Good News!

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