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Is Jesus God
David, first, you have to read the real Bible, not the New World Translation. That book is false, written by people who knew nothing about Greek or Hebrew.They went around changing passages to please their readers, people like you who believe their lies, and are trapped in a false doctrine. Only God can change the hearts of Jehovah Witnesses. Their leader was a false leader.
Now here is what I said, I said that the physical body of Jesus was beaten, and nailed to the cross where he physically died. But His Spirit never died. His physical body rose from the dead on the third day.

Is Jesus God
David said:
"What I would like to know from trinitarians is who was dead for 3 days?"

David, the Person who died and was buried, was Jesus. The physical body of Jesus. God cannot die, You cannot see Him either. The Spirit of God within Jesus was God and He cannot die. Remember when Mary was found with child? She was found with child of the Holy Spirit. "Matt. 1:18.
But Jesus was born to die, and to rise again. If you do not believe in the Person of Jesus, that He died, and rose again, then your faith is found in someone else.

Baptism A Public Testimony
Kathr, I do not want to speak for the passage, here is the passage in case you do not have it in your Bible.
"And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins. Wherein times past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now work in the children of disobedience, Among who also we all had once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others" Eph. 2:1-3.
The lost are dead in their sins. A dead person cannot make himself come to life.

Baptism A Public Testimony
Kathr, you wrote:

Here's where I differ from Calvinist's. I believe the Word of God is SO POWERFUL cutting between soul and spirit, bone and marrow, that even the most depraved person can respond."

He can only respond if God changes his heart. Otherwise he remains depraved. He cannot change his own heart. His is unable because he is dead in sin. "And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince and power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience..." Eph. 2: 1,2. The glory goes to God, you need to stop taking credit for your salvation.

Baptize Our Babies
Nicole, I believe in Scripture those names you mentioned knew what baptism represented. The question is, do you know what it represents? What it really means. Don't you understand that those people were chosen by God? We know that because He wrote it in His word.
The Word tells us that when people had believed they were to be baptized. Not before they believe but after. That was to be the practice. John called believers to be baptized as a public renunciation of their old way of life. Baptism also symbolized the preparation of their hearts for the coming of the Messiah. And Paul connected baptism with the believer's identification with Christ.

Baptism A Public Testimony
Kathr, you tell David that he sounded like a Calvinist that God doesn't chose us, and if that is the case, How are we saved? You later write that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are lost. How do they get saved? Does that mean that some who are lost are smarter then the others so they can save themselves? You are contradicting yourself. Either God saves us are we never get saved. And if we do get saved, how does that come about if it is not God working in the individual who is lost. Think about what you are saying.

Is Jesus God
Because He is God Steveng. If you do not believe that then your home studies is a fake. Join a good teaching Church. And also study the Bible. Not the New world translation. That is also a fake, just like the fake news stations and fake newspapers.

Baptize Our Babies
Nicole, Catholics can baptize anyone they want to baptize. I don't believe there is anyone stopping them. The question is which one is legit? to Catholics their way is right, to protestants their way is right.
When an adult gets baptized, he knows his commitment to God, when a baby gets baptized, he knows not what is happening to him. When he grows up he might not know anything about God.
In the bible whole families were baptized at once. In these days whole families are never baptized.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
Other questions that need an honest and true answer is "What is your spiritual walk with Christ?"and "Are you relatively new Christians?" The answer to these go along way in addressing why people go to public forums or blogs and ask these types of questions. Spiritually mature Christians already know the answer because they communicate with Him daily. The spirit of Truth will never mislead you nor disagree with the scriptures. Could it be that asking other Christians that you know or your pastor would reveal where you really are in your spiritual walk? No one but YOU (and the Holy Spirit within you) can address these questions honestly. You owe no one but yourself the real answers. All I can suggest is PRAY! Part 2 of 2

Who's The Elect
I am not a strict Calvinist, however the elect are whomever accepts Jesus into their life.

Once Saved Always Saved
Once saved always saved is a gospel that is destroying souls. Nowhere in scripture is there a mention of OSAS. I believed I could live the way I wanted and confess my sins before I died and be ok. Hebrews 10:26-31 say otherwise. G-d is patient and does give us grace, but I took it as a license to do as I wish under the false idea that OSAS was a true and that I could always turn to Christ and repent regardless of how I lived. I'm about 98% certain I have lost my salvation at this point of life with no chance of getting it back.

Order Of Templar Knights
The current crusade is being carried out by US government employees who want the world to believe their will will not be denied. They are killing humans regularly, based on propaganda and hidden agenda. They are creating secrets and technology that kills and preventing freedom of speech. They are cronies who are not building a free market, but instead a dictated market.

Should We Attack Syria
The US goverment employee has generated fear constantly throughout the years by using the brainwashing technology. They have prevented people from talking about the brainwashing. America does not control its employees very well.

Is Boxing Unchristian
I personally think its wrong because your body is the temple of God.Also Jesus said if someone hits you, give them the other cheek to but if you are doing it to protect yourself in a way that seems reasonable its good.
Means not beating people senseless but restraining and defense._love as i have loved you

Can We Reject God
According to my Catholic bible it says in Romans 8: 39 it say's
neither the world above nor the world below - there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord.

How Do I Seek God
I agree with tracy, I have seen his face. Read C.S. Lewis book Prince Capsian and as you learn that Satan uses depths of self-righteous to get us to justify ourselves with works. Also in C.S. Lewis work it also shows the infrastructure that a high percentage of christians fall into that they do not understand seeking his face. You can email me and we can talk more. Peace be with you.

Young Woman Wants Older Man
I hope all works out for you. There do seem to be more late 40s/mid 50s men marrying late twenties to thirties women. LUCKY men. I am a 54 year old man who searched for decades to find a woman who will be my wife, bare me children and raise a family with me - never happened. I have always heard there is someone for everyone. I can not believe in that saying anymore..... So prayers to you and hope you have finally found your soulmate.

Explain 2 Peter 1:10
Daniel, where did kathr say the Spirit of God was not in Jesus.

She said Jesus had more than the Spirit of God in Him.

Why can't people read what others write.

The Lords Name In Vain
It doesn't mean cussing!! Its very sad-- and almost unrecognised by Christians-- that the true meaning of this Commandment has been lost. Until around 1850, they had it right. The original meaning, which Moses had, and everybody else until recent times, is that only the Lord shall be called Jehovah, and only Jesus shall be called Jesus, and nobody else may "take the Lord's name" -- literally as a wife would take her husbands name -- in Vanity. In other words, you can't call your kid Jesus or Jehovah Smith. Recently, however, people think this Commandment is all about cussing, -- and consequently millions of Hispanic people now call their kids "Hey-soos"(= Jesus) thinking it's ok. It is sad to actually lose a Commandment!!

Explain Sackcloth And Ashes
Read Isaiah 58: 4-11 (KJV). The people at the time were not fasting properly. In verse 3-5,they want to be "seen of the world". He teaches the proper way to fast. Verse 5 sheds a little more light on the use of sackcloth and ashes. I think the people in Isaiah's time were taking a good thing (humility) and making it into a production, "look at me, im showing more divotion than you, I pray longer/louder, I sit longer, my sackcloth is itchier. True divotion is between the Lord and you. P.S. If someone can have the blessings that Isaiah talks about in verse 6-11 by fasting, why not talk more about the importance of the Fasting?

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