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Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
It has gotten out of control.

Anoint Sick With Oil
So what you are saying is that sinful men can checkmate God? He would be like Napoleon with many plans, in case the first plan failed, he could go to the next one. When God wants to save an individual, He always succeeds. God is not a man that He could fail.

The mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law, indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God. None of them.

Anoint Sick With Oil
Would God send someone on a mission that was hopeless?

Since God is omniscient who knows all things, He would have known the plan He had for someone would fail.

People don't live and die on their own power. They live and die on God's appointed time.

False Teacher Characterics
Kathren, the spiritual Israel mentioned in the bible is Jesus Christ. He is the only heir according to promise. And to deny that Jesus is the promise is to deny his birthright to the promise.

Posted On Facebook
Kathren, markv is right, he never said a word to you, not even mentioned your name.
I feel very sorry for your husband if you have one. He must hate waking up each morning and having to listen to you each day. If he works, he must hate going home each day.
If you don't a husband, then I thank God for keeping a good Christian man away from you, you would kill him, your mouth is a weapon, very deadly. Yet God can still forgive you.

How Do I Seek God
You must abide in god and he will abide in you. We must seek his face by listening to him reading his word and witnessing to other. God is always with us and he never will forsake us. I think this is what seek his face means hope it helped.

Are Christians At War
Tom, a big problem arises when someone says, God did not create some to be lost. If He didn't why did He chose some and not all?
Ecc. 12:7 is speaking of old age, God giveth and God take it away. If that passage is taken literally, it would mean everyone goes to heaven and we know not everyone goes to heaven. We know God chose some and not another in every case He makes through the Bible. Why even chose if all others are included?
He chose Adam, He chose Noah, He chose Israel, He chose Abraham, Isaac, and so on. then in the New T. we are told, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world. Why even say "chose us" (the brethren) if He chose everyone? There would be no need to say chose, if everyone was included.

Are Christians At War
I wanted to thank you Char for the scriptures you put down and will respond to you later after I read them.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
you cannot, in any way make him feel what you feel. no one feels the exact way as someone else. there is always some little thing different. you are dating him for the wrong reasons. if you love him continue witnessing to him for his own salvation.

Are Christians At War
Char, sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you meant, there was the elect for salvation, and those who believed by faith who are not of the elect, two different groups.

Are Christians At War
Char, I believe I understood what you said, but have a problem with your reasons. you suggest there is some chosen/elect and then there is others who hear, and believe who were not chosen. if God, as you say, brings hearing to the person, doesn't that still mean, that God is the One bringing them hearing, and faith comes from hearing? He is still choosing them the same way He chooses the elect. because if He doesn't bring hearing, how can they ever have faith? just trying to understand your comments.

Are Christians At War
Char, my question was concering what you said that not all believers are chosen-elect, if they are not chosen-elect that God mentions, who are they then? If they were not chosen, how did they become believers? Could be I am reading it wrong. I thought all believers were chosen, and the elect.
I was not speaking of Israel, as a nation, they still reject the Messiah. You mentioned believers. In my mind I was thinking you were saying, there were those chosen by God, the elect, and those who came on their own free will who were not chosen. You did not mean that did you?

Are Christians At War
char, I have a question for you. you mentioned that not all believers are chosen-elect. can you explain that for me if you can be so kind? thanks

Spiritual Regeneration
Kathr, you are one disturbed person. clearly you are not all there in your head. another thing is sure, you are not one of the saved. it looks like every single day your nasty words increase. you give christians a bad rap. i will pray that god does a supernatural miracle and change you to a good person.

Understanding The Bible
Eloy, have you considered that the spirit reveals spiritual truths to the believer? You can have comprehension and your vocabulary could be perfect and yet not have any spiritual truth? Jesus thank the Father for hidding spiritual truth from the wise and prudent but revealed them to babes, the new believers as the spirit continues to reveal things to us, as we grow in Christ, that He doesn't reveal to others. read Matthew 11:25.

Spiritual Regeneration
ginger, why do you thank yourself? it sounds kind of crazy to use another name. It is ok to use your own name. you also mentioned that the spirit does not regenerate you, that he makes you over brand new. where is that even written?
are you claiming you are without sin? when you sin everyday.

Understanding The Bible
Ginger, I have oppose some views that markv gives, but all three of you are speaking with the same nasty words, no wonder all of you get answers like you do, and none of you will stop. You ask godly questions together with evil nasty stuff. There is no debate, no godly discussions, just pure anger. I am so sure now all three are the same person, because all three speak the same way, not about the bible but nasty stuff. You entice others to sin. You should know temptation comes from the devil.

Understanding The Bible
Linda, though I do not agree with markv on some issues, he seems to be correct when he suggest that you and kathr are the same person. Before he said that, I though ginger and kathr were the same person. Are you kathr hiding with another names? All three of you express your answers the same.

Understanding The Bible
Linda, is it possible for you to show what poisonous lies were said by markv? I read what he said, and find nothing wrong with it. Do you not realize that athiest, who doesn't even believe in God, is more respectful then you and a few others, and that the words that come from your hearts should be holy? If you and the others are examples of what a Christian is, no one lost will have a reason to believe.

It Is Finished Meaning
Rob, I also have to agree with Christan's answer concerning salvation, for "it is finished" to me gives the idea of fulfilling one's task. Which in the case of the context, Jesus fulfilled the entire work of redemption and brought it to completion at the cross.
What was ordained before the foundation of the world, when it was foreknown that He would be a sacrifice for sin.

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