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USA Founded As Christian Nation
USA not very Christ-like in its treatment of coloureds or native indians. Are there homeless on the streets or families living in poverty? Is healthcare denied to the poor? Not Christ-like in dealing with gays - in fact Anti-Christ-like if righteousness comes by the law then Christ is dead in vain - galatians 2:21

the world will know that you are My disciples in that you love one another

USA Christian - not in a million years

Should Christians Take Loans
>>>Not CLEAR to me! There was ONE person He told to sell everything.<<<<
Oh the excuses, justifications, for worldly lifestyles..He told only one man named Nicodemus about being born again. do you infer that maybe the need to me born again does not apply to everyone. That is obviously an argument without substance, Being God he only needs to say it once.

Re>>>>What were the disciples doing with a house<<<< it does not suggest that they owned it, does it?

>>>Homeownership doesn't ALWAYS mean debt.Nor does it detract from Heaven.<<<< Agree on the debt issue but it is at variance with scriptures. Disobedience to instruction from our Master and Saviour does not detract from heaven? well it all depends on what heaven means to you.

Wife Has No Natural Affection
for her to change she has to want to.
yes it is possible.
Unfortuanately I'm in the same boat. my wife is very cold.I was also when i was younger. my exwife had been upset when we were together,about this. i loved her deep enough to be committed to trying, it was a bit arkward at first, but it eventually became habit. now with my second wife is so cold, i am constantly questioning her love. it can be very painful.

Is This Prophetess Of God
A Prophet refers to an inspired person who believes that he has been sent by God with a message to tell. He is, in this sense, the mouthpiece of his God. I heard Juanita Bynum's prophecy about 911 months before it happened. I thought she was talking about years from that date. As soon as I saw the planes hit and saw the horror, I remembered what she had said and she was right on target.

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