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Anti-Christ Gives Mark Or Beheads
I will definitely take the latter as I serve only one god and I want to be in that rapture and go to meet my savior and hear his beautiful voice and look into his beautiful loving eyes...

Are You Part Of God's Remnant
duane dudley martin: you said, IF YOUR NOT A JEW, YOUR NOT A ridiculous..I can then say, IF YOUR NOT A JEW DUANE, THEN YOU CANT WORSHIP CHRIST WHO ALSO IS A JEW..remember this, A Jew sybolically means a follower of Christ..

What Did Eve Do Wrong
God didnt want women to be silent elsewhere BUT IN THE CHURCH..go with God's word friends. Eve began this disobedience business and so it continues today with some on this forum supporting it..Just look at His Sabbath..already changed by man..what next..Lord have mercy..

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
read history: xmas trees originated from when Christ was decked with the crown of thorns and dressed with purple robe and hung on a tree..c'mon christians, your following pagan has nothing to do with our dear Lord and Savior..your insulting Him..He was not born on the 25..Tammus was..your worshiping Tammus..absolutely..

Two More Prophets Coming
You are right Jerry, I fully support your reply to Rev 11..those 2 wits are the Old n New Testaments....some have not studied and understood their Bibles well..sorry guys..V4 tells of the 2Candlesticks and 2 Olive Trees/Bible foretelling us these things and its up to us to hold onto God's goes on to tell how God will save those who persevere .. and those who obeyed man instead will end up with the wicked..these 2 witnesses has nothing to do with man prophets...its God's Word we must hold onto..

Are You Part Of God's Remnant
Too many false bible scholars here show no common sense at all..the word BIBLE and TRINITY are not in the bible... yet we all know what they mean..the word REMNANT is in my Bible..c'mon have brains havent you:? I belive I am part of the remnant of God for I believe in God and do my utmost best to do His signs and wonders? We produced 4 beautiful children..theres wonder for you..

I Am Divorcing This April
If you r christian, then what r u doing divorcing and advertising it for all to know? Do u think u r being a role model doing this on air? Study the bible and understand what God says about divorce.Your airing this makes other new christians think its ok to do so..have u tried 2 sort things out with hubby?

What Did Eve Do Wrong
Hasher: my KJV says 1Tim 2:11,12 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection V12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

Offended By Women Pastors
I agree there are beautiful women speakers all over the world preaching however, did God change His mind and allowed women to preach? This is exactly the same thing happening with God's Sabbath. Man changed it to suit him..instead of being obedient to God's commandments...all too often we become like Eve..arrogant and disobedient..

Three Sections Of 10 Commandments
yes it can be broken in 3. I understand the 10 commandments as a guide to righteous living and still stands today. The Ceremonial Laws consist of all the ceremonial things and ceremonial Sabbaths that are done away at the cross. Then we have the Civil and Criminal Laws of the Bible which stil stands today. No they are not all represented in the 10 commandments.

Jesus Crucified On Thursday
the devil seems to enjoy screwing the minds of the believers..beware christians, beware indeed, the devil is roaring like a lion and is read to devour any would be weak believer..Christ died on Friday and thus sayeth the Word

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
sad how most of christiandom follow mans tradition and not Christ. There is nothing whatsoever in the bible to say celebrate or remember Christ's birthday. The only day we are commanded to remember is the Sabbath. Just how far will man go and oppose God's Word and go with man's long indeed.

What Is A False Teacher
NT a guide book, OT a school master: where on earth in the Bible does this state..You have yourself back to front friend. The School Master was the Ceremonial Laws which God gave to prepare people for coming Christ,then done away at the cross. Remember this friend, Christ is the Word/Whole Word that is, not only NT,but OT as well..John 1:1,2 He is the Law we all need

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