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What Makes You A Christian

Interesting...i read all the answers in this blog and no one seems to have a complete answer to this question. I guess anyone can cherry pick scriptures to support their opinions. Try this one: Jesus may be our Brother/Sister in some sort of fashion. But how about approaching Him as Most High Very God of Very God, Majestic God, Lord, Savior and Christ. Jesus has over 20 official "titles". Anyone interested in Jesus' titles, i suggest he look them up. Start with the Old Testament first. Blessings to you all. (:

Taxpayer Paid For Abortions
Trish as usual is correct, the president lifted restrictions but NO president can force the funding of abortions for the United Nations Population Fund as it is solely up to CONGRESS. And when the president lifted the restrictions he also said two important things Jeb missed.
1. he would work with CONGRESS to restore funding. So the stroke of the pen was a largely symbolic move to embolden the secular left.
2. and he would not rescind the executive order Bush signed on stem cell research.
Abortion is hideous and the question begs a pathetically obvious answer.
What was the point Jeb?

USA Federal Government
No, its a big country and we have seen from natural disasters we are stretched to do things quickly even with a gazillion government workers.
The problem is that government, which is us, is too INEFFICIENT. All of us appreciate great customer service whether at Morton's or Home Depot and we're already paying for it, we're just not getting it.
The second issue is affordability. If the government is inefficient it mind as well be a lot smaller.
Of course the cutting of government work forces has a downside of increasing the unemployment lines, rate and unemployment assistance. This ironically defeats some of the justification for shrinking government in the first place.
Its complicated.

Are Getting Tattoos Sinful
Well, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and if you are one insisting on putting what is essentially car paint under your skin then don't get a tattooed message or design that would not also be appropriate on the front of a temple or sanctuary.
Most of the time my inquiries on tattoos are met with "it was just something to do", duh?

Are There Fake Christians
Atheist, if there is no God Craig can't be wrong. You keep coming back to the blog because your pilgrimage of despair en route to nothingness leaves you empty and you attempt to fill your emptiness with more arguments for despair. That is why your questions are circular. Its clear to all of us the one thing you have never expressed is joy. Though we pray for you, your efforts to recruit and persuade the joyful to exchange eternity for nothingness is fruitless.
I would suggest you give it a rest but the tortured soul cannot rest. How sad.

Top Atheists Beliefs
I would think a real atheist would embrace the Steven Hawking postulate that there is no good or evil, right or wrong. This is course creates a problem and makes arguing anything with anyone sheer idiocy by its own logic.
So they are left with statements from icons like Sam Harris that if he could rid the world or rape or religions he would choose religion. These people are sick and never know peace.
Our friend atheist is searching for salvation but can't exorcise his own demons, so he portends by arguing.
He's not even convinced of his own arguments or he would fully embrace the Hawkins belief, close his laptop hit the beach and never visit this web site again.

What Is A Liberal
its another ideology as opposed to atheism which is just plain stupid.

Is Noah Flood Valid
If the penalty for unbelief was not so severe the energy Atheist burns trying to disprove God would be a joke.
All of it in a vain attempt to deny OTHERS meaning. Huh?
If we're all here by chance, without intelligent design, meaning or purpose why expend ones four scores arguing about it. Take comfort in your own belief that you are no more significant than a rock or leaf.

Will Jesus Come Back by 2050
He will get here when He gets here.

Trying to set dates or time frames is foolish.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/25/12

Thanks Cluny and we should remember less than 50% of the Globe has ever heard the name JESUS.

Is Evolution A Valid Theory
Yes, because it is just that... THEORY not science.
Dawkins is daily becoming more absurd saying he's not 100% sure there is no God but still believes everything came from nothing without a cause for the chaos that created design.
Huh, Dawkins has no idea he provides cover for the behavior of Bashar al-Assad saying there is no such thing as good or evil, its just a result of your DNA. Guess he's off the hook?

Rick Santorum Next President
As for Obama, even here in Australia I could see that he got in on the racially prejudiced vote.

---Haz27 on 1/10/12

Haz, please explain.

1. Obama is not black, he's mixed.
2. the percentage of the black vote going toward Obama is no more than is was for LBJ.

Life Only On Planet Earth
Very well said Kathr, very well said.

Mega Churches Are Packed
The question makes pronouncements on doctrine, individuals and uses sweeping generalities which are by definition false.
Some mega-churches started out small and either revival fell or a dynamic preacher is at the center. Others had no plans to be large and are preaching the gospel.
Olsteen may not preach heavy doctrine and may not be my cup of tea but decisions have been made for Christ through his ministry. And for that I praise the Lord.
Jakes is spot on and uses sound biblical teaching to free many from bitterness and anger which prevents God from working freely in their lives.

Mega Churches Are Packed
Their are plenty of small churches that are spiritually dead and a mega-church is only too large if you are not involved.
What is the difference if a small or large church sends a mission to Mexico or the Appalachians?
Use the discernment God gave you through biblical standards such as outreach.

Was 9/11 An Inside Job
Thanks Blogger for making sense. Its true the heat from JP4 and Jet A is not just a fire from those who believe steel would not be affected, the combination of the heat producing engines, Jet A and velocity and weight of 767 is the worlds largest missile.
The problem is the claim the towers were built to withstand the impact of a 747. This gives the conspiracy buffs fuel (no pun intended) for their argument.
BTW, the AEON building in Chicago is an exact replica of the old WTC towers.

Importance Of Six Day Creation
The issue is the six day creationists of which I am one, confuse the creation ON earth with the creation OF earth. We don't know exactly how long the earth was here before God created our current environment, we only know it was here, water covering the entire dark globe as described in Genesis 1:2. We can only use the evidence we see to estimate the time of dinosaurs, hominids and God's other creatures. This is all very interesting as God's evolution of the races including giants branched out from Eden to, for example, Australia with the Aborigine, and the hundreds of languages in tiny Papua New Guinea that developed following Babel. Five or six thousand years just doesn't fit.

Importance Of Six Day Creation
Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
This of course follows God's instantaneous creation of the universe billions of years ago and is in fact consistent with the description of the early primordial earth where debris would have prevented the sun from reaching earth. Continents would have not existed in the water world until God got busy again creating an environment for life as we know it. Bam!

Importance Of Six Day Creation
The reason the Six 24 hour days is so essential is because the young earth creationist interpretation falls apart without it. The abiogenesis model put forth by evolutionists does not stand up to scrutiny and the young earth model also has difficulties. Genesis 1:2 describes the earth in its primordial state. The age of the universe and earth before creation not after is where the interpretations differ.

Is Iran A Nuclear Threat
Not yet and if they do obtain a deliverable nuke just who do they threaten?

We removed their biggest enemy in Hussein and so now Iran slowly moves move to essentially double in size.
Meanwhile much of its citizenry hates the ruling Ayatollahs.

The talk against Israel is just that, talk. God is going to take a minimum amount of guff when it comes to attacking Israel, and a nuke attack against Israel would be visited on the perpetrator by at least a multiple of 7. God help anyone who really thinks they are going to wipe Israel off the map. Its not happening.

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