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Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
To Pray is to plea, that is what the origin of the word means. All the time people prayed to each other in the OT e.g Gen45:4And Joseph said unto his brethren, Come near to me, I pray you.
To pray to others is not ungodly, to worship them is ungodly and Catholics do not worship Mary

By Word Or By Action
If he is a believe in Jesus and lives in the faith of that belief then there is salvation.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
This is a funny one. People rarely change their mind in this topic and all the scriptures that can be mentioned have been mentioned. I can only tell you of my experience. I used to think i had tongues and for literally years i spoke in them but i came to a realisation that it was glossalia. I then realised it wasn't tongues and have since stopped. I don't mind what your opinions are of me but i just felt i should share my story

Explain Job 1:6-12
If you look in Daniel there is a time when he has an accuser accusing him while the Lord protects Daniel.
There seems to be a place where the Lord and the accuser meet to discuss. Jesus is our positive advocate.
What i really want to ask is why did they meet in the land of Uz

My Husband Isn't Bright
if you read this in context it means that a woman should not deny a man sexual obligations.
This is about submitition to pleasing the other one physically not obeying the other.
Obediance is God's and none others

Can Christians Have Demons
---Remigio on 5/1/07
The bible clearly speaks of demon possession on many many occasions.
No one here said that those with mental disabilities were demon possessed.
This is a place for religious discussion, do you have any input into possession in the real biblical sence of the word?

Can Christians Have Demons
Has anyone here seen the exorism of Emily Rose. I feel this is an impressive depiction of possession and why it happens.
There is a dark side to this world (not that it isn't all dark) which embrasses co-operation with satan.
I had problems going to bed cause of a strange presence before, but i felt it leave, in a jolt and then complete silence in my heart and mind. There is a noise that exists which stays with us but when we seek the Lord sometimes He stills all things.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
---fmr.Catholic on 4/25/07
all the points you mentioned have already been mentioned on this page. Why churn out the same comments time and time again? We just end going around in circles

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
---fmr._Catholic on 4/24/07
'Please show us where on this page where a Catholic was abused, or shown hatred.? '

Then you say 'The devil is lying to you.'
Connect the dots

Catholic Bishops Don't Marry
---lorra8574 on 4/23/07
I agree, they are good references.
I can't water down these references. I am very much catholic, in fact i went to confession today. Sometimes i wonder does the church want the priests to be without a family so that no one inherits the land except the church.
I don't like to say such a crude thing but it makes sence.
I'm so sorry if this suggestion is offensive to any, i just want to know the truth

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
There is an underlying problem here which has not been addressed.
It is the general hatred i see when i read down this page. Where is the love. If i was asked who wrote these various comments without knowing it was a christian site i would guess satanists.
Even if Catholics are wrong in what they believe does that mean they should be abused?
There are serious problems on this page far deeper than the single question at the top

Catholic Bishops Don't Marry
these are quite amazing references, it clearly states they should have a wife. Peter the rock of the church was married. There are many reasons why the church does not allow married men but by these references are explicit in saying bishops should be married, and i would say this implicitly implies priests

Solutions To Poverty
Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.
If we truely lived by this then we would be much more understanding of the needs of the poor.
The only answer to stopping poverty is sustainable living.
The only solution to poverty is a self sustained eco-envirnoment.
China are said to be building a city from the ground up which will be fully sustainable from within, this is the kind of randical idea which could work.

Ministers Suffer From Lust
---Carla5754 on 4/22/07
No problem. It is a gift to not inwardly burn which not many people possess, i would guess few people have this gift. I certainly don't. I'm getting married in Oct :D and i feel it is what God has planned in my life

Speaking In Tongues Fake
---Observer on 4/22/07
'The Psychology of Speaking in Tongues'
John Kildahl written in 1972.
This kind of mindless trance like babbling is practised by shamens.
God does not use a ouija board just as glossalia is not of Him either.

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