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Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
Mitts religion plays an important role but people dont question Mikes religion Southern Baptist. It was founded on the inerrant scriptural fact that slavery was acceptable to God. It only took them until 1995 to apologize. The Southern Baptists were against the womans vote, integration, the Civil Rights act, and any other cause that was termed liberal at the time. Mikes denominations theology has been flawed in the past as is Mitts. Could it still be flawed?

Solutions To Poverty
Jana, research has consistently demonstrated that in this country the richest give proportionally less than the poorest. There are exceptions but the rule is the more you make the less you give. As an industrialized nation the US is outspent, by a large margin, for every $100 of output by every other industrialized nation except for Greece. This does not speak very well for us as a Christian country.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
If Christ fulfilled one of the ten-commandments didnt he fulfill all of them, like murder and adultery as well? Or is this another case of cherry picking which laws we obey and which ones we don't?

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