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Bring Back Christmas
Cluny said, "seeing a man drag a dead Christmas tree to the trash at 1:20 on the afternoon of 25 December."

A man after my own dad's heart. The Christmas Tree would go up at 6:30 or so Christmas Eve, and would go out to the trash on December 26, in the morning.

Let's Be Polite To Each Other
Jerry 6953 said, "Brendan,

So sorry to hear about your harsh servitude. Was this at the monastery where you lived?"

No, this happened before my religious tonsure. indeed, some of it happened when I was growing up. My time in the monastery has been the best time in my life. I wouldn't leave unless God gave me VERY CLEAR direction. Otherwise, I am here for life!

Let's Be Polite To Each Other
John 9346 said, "Did you read my Welcoming Greeting to you? Jerry6593 also left you a greeting as well I hope you take time to read our greetings."

Actually, no, I did not see them. Where can I find these Welcoming Greetings?

Where Is Elijah And Enoch
They are not here on earth, and they are not in hell, nor are they in the ground asleep (soul sleep is one of the silliest ideas of the Reformers). Therefore, they must be in HEAVEN!

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