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How Does God Speak To People
I have heard so many time on television ministries , "the Lord spoke to my heart this morning/" and this is what he told me to do.. Most of these are TV evangelists who take pride in telling this. Are they more qualified to hear God.. We are all sinners. Then of course most say God speaks to us through the Bible his word,, But the Bible is not a direct dictation but the inspired word of God. Why are only the men of 2000 years ago chosen to hear the voice of God or word of God and write what they were inspired to write? The people of today are not Holy enough I guess to hear God's voice and write what they think He said. Ummn

How Many Commandments
I do not have a Doctorate or Masters, but I do know that Billy is correct. There are 613 commands that were given to the nation of Israel. These commands were given in two classifications. Jesus said he didn't come to do away with the law, but to fulfill the law. The law was a guideline for the nation and Jesus fulfilled everything that was given by the prophets so that all, even Israel, would have salvation through Him.

What If Big Bang Is True
The big bang will never be proven by simply one scientific fact. All matter projected from an explosion spins in the same direction. Either clockwise or counter-clockwise. All of our planets in just this solar system do not spin in the same direction. I believe God did this specifically to make evolutionist look silly.

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Yes, because we are not to go the way of the world. It all seems so innocent for the children to have fun, but it opens them up to the silly things of the world. Teach them to have courage to stand for what is right and they will be better able to handle the temptations and worldly pleasures that will face them when they get older. You have to have a Bible study on this matter, at their level, so they can understand, not just fobid them to take part. Parents, if you take part is this worldly celebration of goblins and ghosts, you might want to study this yourself.

Pray Out Loud Or Unspoken
I don't think one or the other is answered more, however I do believe that you should not only pray in one way. What I mean is that you should not always pray out loud or silently. I tend to pray more silently because I feel that prayer is a conversation with God, and when I converse with God, it's OURS, not anyone elses. When you pray, pray so that God hears it, not men. Prayer is not a means for preaching- preaching is a means for preaching. Say your prayers to God and your sermons to people.

Is Christ The End Of The Law
The word commonly translated 'end' is the Greek word 'telos' which may also be translated 'goal'. The aim of the law was to give life. It was unable to do so because sin used it to kill people (Romans 7). God solved the problem by sending jesus in the likeness of sinful flesh and condemned sin (the real culprit) enabling the law to give life (Romans 8). Those who have faith paradoxically fulfill the law, specifically Habbakuk 2:4 "The just shall live by faith."

Difference Between Catholics
I was a catholic for a long time myself. I go to a real church now since I got serious with what God really wants for me. I got saved by God's precious son, Jesus Christ my Lord and savior. Sure the catholic church looks good from the outside with all the beautiful architecture, but this means absolutely nothing to God. I experienced God more in a little humble church rather than dead works in the catholic church.
It was in a humble stable that the son of God came to us to give us life. Praise God!

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
Nellah,I assure you their are are demons lurking about,they would love to take me down as it would cause those who are watching me to err and the weak in faith to falter,which is why it is so important for me not to fail in this area.My conviction is strong and I refuse to give in and hurt the kingdom.

My Wife Is Having Affairs
Ron,if we follow your logic can we assume that perhaps God didn't treat satan right and thats what caused him to err?can we assume that maybe God was not good enough to Adam and Eve so they had to look to someone else?The one who is unfaithful to their spouse does it because they have listened to the wrong spirit and followed their own carnal desires.

Christians Getting The Boot
Aparantly Norman doesn't get it. We as believers must fight this. We have laid back to long. I say enough! Even if they take in God we trust off of money, you might say big deal, I know God and I love Him. The problem is and IT IS, these malfactors are never satisfied. They will try and take more and more, and guess what, we won't be the same Country anymore. We will be them!

I Feel Sin In My Life More Often
Dear Irene,you are experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.God has excepted you as you are and is gently guiding you to holiness in a time frame that is right for you,he is your heavenly FATHER,he loves you and he will not give up on him,relax don't fret.God bless you.

Take My Husband Back
Dear Wondering,he is still a Christian,he is a sheep gone astray,a prodical son,so to speak,if I were in your position I would pray for God to touch him and then watch what God does,if you are to get back with him God will reveal that to you.May Gods will be done.

Get Saved By Something Clicking
Hello Natasha, God deals with people on a personal level based on his plan. An example: When I ask someone if they remember their first encounter with the Holy spirit they usually have no idea what I am talking about, and I have only met one other person to admit encountering death angels, yes ,both do exist on earth, some witness,some don't.

What Is Church Of Scientology
Alan,it is interesting that you say this cult is the project of a science fiction writer,as my brother is big fan of such books.He also is very wealthy and gives a LOT of money to these people.when I questioned the beliefs of these people he became very angry and threatened to kill me if I said anything about them,I said that doesn't sound like my God at God is a God of love,not hate.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
Moderator, they are mostly Catholic. I know, I should know better. Thanks for helping me figure it out. Also most are in the food service industry. Ok,strike two,we're getting there. russe9356 ps. No offense to Catholics or food service workers.

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