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Pastor Abusing His Daughter
Your first response should be to notify CPS (Children's Protective Services) which is a county office (in Calif). CPS calls are anonymous. They will go to the child's school, interview her (and BTW, do not have to tell the reason to ANYONE why they are there), they will then most likely interview the father as well. CPS is usually out, either the same day of the report or the next day.

How To Find A Christian Man
Why on earth would you want someone else's husband?

President Bush Best Or Worst
I can't imagine what would have to happen in the next several months for something like this to take place. A most interesting thought...

Favorite Christian Sayings
Basic Information Before Leaving Earth

Daytime Or Nightime VBS
Our church is so large that this past summer, they had both afternoon and evening VBS and had over 400 kids at each session.

Tell Someone Not Interested
I wouldn't ever lie about having something like AIDS. Its not a joke and shouldn't be treated as such.

Move On After Broken Heart
The saying "time heals all wounds" sounds trite I know. However, experience has taught me that it is very true. Your "wounds" never completely heal, they scab up, may leave scars and eventually the pain begins to lessen.You go on, but are reminded of what not to do or what to do next time when you look at the scar.

Move On After Broken Heart
I still struggle daily to forget and move on. The thing is you can't forget when you love someone. The feelings remain but the person is gone. It's like he's died, but hasn't and my feelings remain the same. It's definitely a process of grieving and its been 15 months. My faith lies in that God knows better than I and has something better for me. I struggle just to get through each day.

Taking God's Name In Vain
RitaH---stick in the word "damn" for the d part and the other is "God". I tried to think of a gentler way of saying it cause I just cringe when I hear anyone use the two together. Hope this clears it up for you.

Taking God's Name In Vain
The "GD" bomb would be just like the "F" bomb. Which would be saying the "F" for the "GD" bomb think of the two words together (that GD represents)that would be offensive and considered as using the Lord's name in vain and you have the "GD" bomb.

Does God Pick Our Mate
What I want to know is how you discern if someone was actually sent to you by God?

Judgement On California
I do not believe that God is singling out California because of sinful behaviors. Did he single out NYC and the twin towers on 9/11 or Oklahoma City or New Orleans or Pearl Harbor for all of those resident's sinful behaviors? NO--California has no more "sin" than any other place. There is just more focus on it because of the entertainment industry and the way it is presented by the media. And if that "sin" sells magazines or makes you watch a certain TV show the media will print it.

God Told Me Who To Marry
Did he receive the same message? If he did, maybe he is scared and in denial.

God Told Me Who To Marry
God could possibly be wanting you or your partner to learn something while separated or maybe He wants you both to see the whole relationship from a new perspective. Something that could be difficult to do while still in an active relationship.

Concieved A Baby By Dating
shaz---Well, you ARE being very insensitive. You cannot make the decision whether or not these two people are or are not Christians---only God knows. I say it is between them.

Any Funny Family Stories
When I was 3 my grandma went by plane to Oklahoma. My dad pointed out an airplane and said to me "there goes Grandma". For years afterward, everytime I saw a plane in the sky I would scream "HI GRANDMA" as loud as I could up at the sky. I did this until I was about 8 and forgot why I even did it until my dad told me the story (yes, I know I was a strange kid and VERY dramatic).

What Is Your Favorite Book
The book "Gone With The Wind" definitely impacted my life. I read it cover to cover at age 16 and it lead me to a love of United States history, historical places, historical biographies, etc. To this day I am a history NUT and I can trace it all back to reading GWTW.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
So if wearing pants makes you feel like a man, then does a man wearing a kilt feel like a woman? I disagree with your reasoning Angela---I HATE wearing dresses & always wear pants and have no problem feeling like a woman or being feminine. It is a matter of personal taste.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
Lori: Note in my earlier post that I said Warren's 10% is going to be alot. But, remember he is giving away the other 80%. A greedier person in the same position might be doing the opposite and living on the 80% and giving away the 10%.

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