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Explain Proverbs 23:23
All you have to do is be honest and talk about God.
---Bobby1 on 2/24/10

Bobby1, I agree, all you had to do was be honest and talk about God.

As a new comer to this Christian site, I was taken back by the stone throwing here. My first reply here was about God. It appeared the issue had been resolved, mary speaking out of place. Much to my surprise, you re-opened a wound.

I believe kath also gave her opinion. I was blessed by her insight. Through that, I read Jeremiah 9 and Romans 1. Misplaced wisdom is dangerous. In Colossians 2, God tells us all the Wisdom is and has always been in Christ Jesus.

Is this Godly enough for you Bobby1?

Anything Godly you would like to add?

Explain Proverbs 23:23
Bobby1, as I have studied all you have contributed here, and assuming you have been here for a while, can you explain why no one sees you as a helpful blogger? Only 3 people in all this time you've been here?

But as I read your contributions, it appears you too believe truth, which is wisdom and understanding can not be bought.

Here is my problem with your statement to kath, can you tell us exactly where your opinion differs from hers?

If it can't be bought, it must come from God. Now tell us why something that comes from God is a club you hit her over the head with, if God gave that to her?

I find kathr a very helpful blogger as I see many others do too who would disagree with your assessment.

Explain Proverbs 23:23
kathr, that was very insightful. I'd never really though about it that way. Now I understand your original comment here and where your heart was coming from.

Often we judge someone's comments before really knowing what is behind it. You can only say so much in 125 words.

I looked up Solomon after reading this and learned something I never knew. Solomon failed miserably. He didn't even instill that wisdom into his son who was an ever worse king.

It goes to show just having knowledge and wisdom is nil compared to obedience. What are we told? If you know to do something and don't do it, its a sin.

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