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Seven Spirits Of God
earl, perfect explanation of spirit being a living substance. Thank you.

Seven Spirits Of God
And Jesus is still alive today in Spirit & it is His job to convict, in other words, reveal the truth. The Word also says that each one must work out their own salvation with fear & trembling. If he were here in physical we could ask him what a certain scripture meant and then we could tell others, "I asked Jesus about that and he said it meant..." Since he is Spirit and there are other spirits in this world we don't always know which spirit someone else is hearing. We don't have the right to tell them our interpretation is the only right one. Because even though the Word says there is no private interpretation, we know that there are so many. So many people twist scripture to make it mean what they want it to mean.

Heard The Voice Of God
Eloy, I like your prayer. If you believe anything is possible and pray like this you should be seeing miracles. If you haven't yet, I ask God to use you for healing others, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Just be brave enough to ask.

Demon Talking To My Husband
Is your husband still having this problem?

Husband Forgot Our Anniversary
Petunia, your question reminds me of my x. On our 10th he gave me a box of artificial roses(my sister made him get)with a card that read, "These will last longer than we do?" You'd think that of any day of the year he could at least tell you how much you mean to him on your anniversary, not just Happy Anniversary." I understand where you are coming from which is why I always say it is easier to be lonely because you have no spouse than to be lonely with one. But honestly, what we have to understand is that all relationships on this earth are only secondary. Jesus Christ can and will satisfy every need if you turn to Him. Make Jesus your husband. He will never disappoint you. Then it won't matter so much when someone else does.

Husband Loves His Mother
There are many variables in your situation. My late fiance loved his mother so much he took me to meet her on our second date, and he called her every night. I've heard other women complain about things like that but I figured she was the one that raised him therefore she was the one who helped make him the man that he was, the man that I loved so much. After my fiance died I tried to call her every night because I knew she missed him so much. After 20 yrs. she still treats me like a daughter. Maybe you could try loving his mother as much as he does.

How Does One Know God's Will
Why are you afraid to reply on the same blog?

Jesus said we are to come to him as a little child, not babies, but little child. Asking him what to wear and which way to turn are things a little child would ask.

Just because he supplies the clothes doesn't mean we shouldn't ask him which outfit we should wear on any given day. Only he knows who we will meet. What if it's Jesus? Asking which way to turn is total reliance on him because only he knows if there might be a road block in our usual path or maybe someone he desires for us to meet somewhere or witness or whatever. We must be clay in the potters hands and let go of self.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

Heard The Voice Of God
I'm sorry that you have such a hard time believing Jesus is still in the miracle business because you haven't seen it yourself. Blessed are those who believe and have not seen?

My Man Is Balding And Fat
It's more than likely not God encouraging you to look at his appearance. Just make sure you are not unequally yoked. It is better to be alone without a spouse than to be alone with a spouse.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
We need to prepare ourselves for marriage with Christ before we can have a marriage with another person. Christ must be first.

Still My Wife In Heaven
Since Matt.12:25 and 20:30 state that there are no marriages in heaven and we will be like the angels, it stands to reason that there are neither male nor female in heaven. I know it hurts to lose someone you love, I also lost a fiance, but our earthly bodies are only for this earth. When we leave these earthly bodies we are no longer male or female, we are spirit. When we meet our loved ones in heaven there will be no pain that we are no longer husband or wife. I pray God removes all grief right now from all who read this. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
We should no longer view our lives as humans seeking a spiritual experience but as spirits seeking a human experience.

Heard The Voice Of God
Thank you for your blessings MarkV. I just want you to know that it is not about me. It is all about Jesus. We are nothing without him, but with him we can do all things because his kingdom is in us. He is my everything. He is my groom. I may not be perfect but I am striving to be. James 3:2 says if a man is perfect in words he controls the whole body. That's my goal.

What Is A Prayer Of Faith
God has promised that his Word will not return to him void but will accomplish what he says it will.(Is.55:11)

Always Obey The Government
Donna66,I was driving along one day singing with the radio and God spoke to my spirit, "You shouldn't be speeding," with such conviction I immediately apologized, slowed down, and promised him I was going to be more careful. A mile down the road there was an officer with radar. So, yes, God does care about every move we make.

When I receive a bill in the mail I ask God how am I going to pay it and he always supplies.

At least half of the questions on the last test I took(a 2 day course)I could not recall the answers. I asked God to guide me and I received 87%.

If I woke in the middle of the night to find my house on fire I would certainly ask God which way to flee.

Heard The Voice Of God
Oh, and I have seen limbs grow. Not personally with my eyes but we prayed for a woman and overnight her leg grew and she could walk without the aid of lift shoes.

My pastor used to tell of a woman who wanted curly hair all her life. Finally one day during praise and worship her hair was immediately curly.

And one church that I know has canes all over the altar from people who have been healed there.

I have witnessed prayer for some with cancer so bad the doctors have all but given up and the following week the doctor has declared them cancer free.

Heard The Voice Of God
Just for the record I have only heard God's audible voice twice in my life but he speaks all the time through many other ways. I can guarantee you if any recorder had been in the room those times it would have picked it up. The first time I was 8 yrs old and the second time I was in my twenties. He usually speaks through that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit only speaks what God tells him to so I credit God. Many times he has spoken to my spirit and it was as forceful as it was when he spoke out loud. Why are you knit picking? People usually do that because they are jealous. God is no respector of persons. What he does for one he will do for all.

Heard The Voice Of God
MarkV, God will speak to anyone who diligently seeks him. What is a personal relationship without communication? Communication is a two way street. God spoke to Moses when he was alone. Why would he not choose a place to speak to someone when they are alone? If the restroom is the only place a person is ever alone why would he not choose to speak in a rest room? What makes it different from any other room where someone is alone? Where in the Word does it say that God will not speak in a rest room? I mean no disrespect but when you choose to disbelieve someone's experience with the Holy Spirit you are denying the Holy Spirit in their life and that is mighty close to blasphemy, so please be careful for your own sake.

Heard The Voice Of God
michael e and MarkV, my pastor taught that we should seek the Holy Spirit in all our ways. He always said we should ask what to wear, what to eat, what to speak, which way to turn(when driving), and that we should do so without ceasing. If we are asking without ceasing then we should be hearing without ceasing. Sometimes the answer is audible, sometimes just a knowledge, sometimes through someone else, sometimes the Word, sometimes another book, sometimes others. Read John 14:12 and 20:30. Don't keep God in a box. He is bigger than you know.

Heard The Voice Of God
God sometimes speaks through dreams and visions and many other ways. Not enough space here to share one dream but it's interpretation came a year or so later, which was that there is a group of people standing in the way of my promised land keeping me from crossing my Jordan by keeping God in a box. It's a very large box because they know God is big but they are limiting God. Soon the box will tumble over top of them and fall in the water of the Holy Spirit. Another dream told me the dam they are creating will soon break and I will fly in the Holy Spirit's power.

Always Obey The Government
The Word says there was no deceit in Jesus. If we are supposed to strive to be like Jesus then it is never correct to deceive in any way shape or form. In striving to be like Jesus we learn to follow the Holy Spirit in every situation, not facts or logic. We make choices to follow the Spirit or the "facts and logic" that we see with our own eyes. When we follow facts and logic we are following our own spirits, not God's. When we let go and let God have control of every situation then we will see with His spiritual eyes. I pray we all stop looking at facts and logic and look to Him.

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