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Family Of Men Who Cheat
Whatever the reason for his anger doesnt give him the right to fornicate. The truth is that in a truly loving relationship a man should be able to control himself and remain faithful despite any hormonal urges to produce offspring. The theory of man being predisposed to cheating does not hold water because while it may be true, there is no excuse for not being able to quell these urges.

Is Harold Camping Correct
I know i really need to pray about this but Harold Camping is a believer. He does share the Word as God has revealed to him. Did you read his books in detail? I read another book that was written in 1991 and its amazing the prophecies that have been fulfilled.
I believe we are in the end times. As far as Brother Campings predictions on May 21, 2011, I just don't know, but believe it will occur sooner than most people think. God bless everyone out there.

How Long Should I Pray
Praying without ceasing. As your day continues, reflecting on God draws you nearer to him and in communion. I talk and pray to him constantly. Praise God!

Is Street Preaching Effective
I currently do street ministry, not exactly preaching although we do hold bible studies and meetings for those who wish, where the Gospel is spread, I do this as a result of God's calling, and this Christmas gave away about 5000 gift packs, if one person can reach this number, then imagine what a group would

Evolution And The Bible
God made all things in their own kinds...animals, plants and humans...they cannot mutate into another species they are separate. Humans were created in God's image, nothing else on earth was created claim that humans are descended from animals is to abuse God.

No Tongues Then No Salvation
No, the account in Acts details that the gift of tongues was given and people of different nations all heard the Gospel in their own language. Many people never get the gift of tongues, but they are saved. A gift is given to edify God, not the receiver.

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
I have read and meditated on the Bible for many years and have yet to find any contradictions...many who claim there are are mistaken in their interpretation of God's Word, the confusion is theirs not God's

King James Only Christian
I believe the best version of the Bible is the one that the reader can understand. There is no point having a version that is beyond one's understanding, but that doesn't mean that one must stay with one version, after all we should all be growing.

My Three Year Old Not Walking
Hi, I am the mother of a 33 year old who was also born very premie (especially for then). He too was "delayed" in physical advancement, but way ahead speech wise. I had him to a number of doctors who kept telling me to be patient with the potty training, and give him physical therapy on the walking. He began walking well at about 3 1/2, and then was potty trained by 4 years of age....a little embarrassing for the parent, but each child is an individual

I Hate My Husband
My husband wasn't perfect either and he died last year and now I'm a widow with 3 kids. I encourage you to focus on the good things, get some anti-depressants and go back to school and learn how to do something besides complain and whine. Have a blessed day.

What Does Backslide Mean
Dear Kit, I take the word backslider to mean one who moves away from God. The person stops going to church, stops taking part in Christian activities, and stops living the Christian life. Many reasons. The person may have been hurt by their particular congregation, and be blaming God, or they may have begun to doubt and disbelieve, they may have got mixed up with the wrong sort of people, become lazy. So many ways to turn away from our loving Father.

Third Online Date Not Working
Please dear,don't loose hope i am sure things will work out.Put every thing into God's hand and keep praying. Jesus is the best friend who can never let you down. I will pray for you but keep positive about your self.

My Husband Keeps Cursing
Stop giving your husband advice. I don't know of many men who would accept this sort of advice happily. From you, his wife, it can only sound like criticism. Men don't accept that.
You can only continue to pray that God will clean up his mouth, and by using sweet words yourself, set the example. God bless you.

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