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Thoughts On Precepts Bible Study
I love them I love them I love them
I did the book of Ruth andboth sets of Practcal Christian Living and am a PCL Leader but have not ever led a group yet. God bless you as you dig DEEP Sister!

Seclusion Good For Christian Walk
Sin originates in your mind " as man thinketh so he is" so no seclusion would not be of any consequence.
The only thing that lessens sin is the revelation of Christ in our spiritman overtaking our carnal mind. Feast on Him and His bread and wine and you will lessen sin.

My Husband Put His Hands On Me
Please please please write me rache7576 God has help available but I will not dicuss it here openly

Are Churches Keeping Us From God
well now...that is very intersting view point.....consider this WE are The Church. So if those in that building on the corner who meet on a certain time and day are your only concept of church there in lies the problem. Neither the Body of Christ I fellowship with daily nor the assmebled Body I fellowship with at scheduled meeting times sheilds me away from God. You cannot assemble properly and not be brought closer to God everytime.

Christians Cause Biggest Trials
No,Linda, again I will reply the greatest trial weface is caused by our thinking. You can have your head in the earth and see everything with earthly eyes and therefore be hungup on words like "trials and sins" or you can have your mind fixed on Christ and know that life isn't about you. I had a week from HELL last week and do not see it asa trial at all. God didn't leave meor forsake me the brethren were supportive and prayerful and loving I have a future hope .....trials....nah!

Will God Punish Me For Feelings
My dear God will not punish you for anything! Will He discipline you? Yes. Will you reap what you sow? Yes Are you under condemnation? NO. Honey contact me rache7576
There is peace

Do Prayers Make A Difference
Amen and Amen and Amen!

Man Takes Woman Last Name
the answer is three

No Baptism Then No Heaven
Rachel, maybe the love , security, blessings of God and the promise of eternal life in Heaven will entice you. the Holy Spirit is calling you, other wise you would not have these questions. the devil is going to give you a million reasons why you should not get saved, don't listen, there is NOTHING you have done or are doing that God won't forgive, ask Jesus into your heart right now! the next minute could be too late.
Peace be with you

Who Is Kim Clement
Rene is encouraging.
Let us stop judging.

ra ch el

Is It Wrong To Dance
Dancing before the Lord is a joyful expression of adoration. Dancing at the club - enemy's playground. Think about young women celebrating graduation in foreign countries, party, and never come home. It happens here, too. Ballroom, ballet, tap,clogging, fun and great exercise. Bumping & grinding in the club, enticing but a trap to stay out of.

When Is The Next Revival Coming
I believe revival will come when the Jew and Gentile come together. When we unite in our belief in Jesus, the greatest revival will break out in the world. God will not leave His chosen people behind, absolutely not. With the world crisis, it appears we're moving closer to this Revival than we thought.

Who is Juanita Bynum?
How does the Jewish believer react to the threshing floor/temple movement. Ministries are meshing Jewish tradition with Christianity. Are Gentiles supposed to do that? I believe in the "one New Man" concept.. that when the Jew and Gentile come together we will have the greatest revival. I'm just not sure how we integrate old testament temple worship with Christian tradition. If we celebrate the "Feasts" incorrectly or Sabbath, is that not getting back under the "Law"?

Verge Of A Bigger War Today
Don't you think the world crisis comes down to Chrisian vs. non-Christian? Is this not the ultimate battle we're fighting. It's not oil - it's their hatred for us and the Jew. God's people vs. those who God loves regardless of their hatred. We have so much, they have so little - there's jealousy for our vast blessings. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem when I lay my head down at night.

Who Is Kim Clement
Renee made a note-worthy point. Kim Clement has been invited to the White House. It's interesting that he should qualify to give a Word to the President of this Nation, yet some people would still doubt Kim Clement's words. If Kim Clement was ordered by the President--not to stop prophesying--Ever--I highly doubt that negative opinions spoken [or written] about him, will deter him from continuing to do what he was told to do [by the Chief].


Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
Boy, this blog is old, but I sure hope you didn't follow through with this one! What a nightmare. Mothers and daughters always have to avoid that competitive trap. Even if your daughter was not up to snuff, two wrongs don't make a right. Wait on God to find you a fella, without all the baggage.

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