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Government Wants Chip In Hands
The truth is, Americans have, for many years, given up any notion of privacy or individual freedom. Almost every detail of every individual is known, or monitored or can be known in a short time.

Your bank account, how far you traveled today, what kind of car you drive and how you paid or are paying for it, who your friends are, where you are right now, who you spoke to last night or the items of clothing or food you purchase last week. All of that and anything else you may consider private is already known or can be known in a few minutes.

The question might be: what is the meaning of freedom today in America?

Arrested For Praise Music Too Loud
It seems reasonable that to me that since the situation is a church service and that means the loudness of the music was not a single occasion. That would also mean that the neighbours would have complain before. The pastor would have been aware of thdisturbance hhe and his church were causing.

Those who profess to be christians must not merely speak the Gospel of Peace, they must live it.

Grace Demands Greater Law
The nature and definition of Grace excludes all human effort. Man cannot do or be required to do anything to receive or to experience the benefits of Grace. If man is required to do anything to obtain Grace, then Grace ceases to be Grace.

If a man was rescued from a certain, excruciating death by someone who does not regard his past, his present or his future acts, what would the man's attitude be towards the person who rescued him? It would not be that, at the first opportiunity, the man returns to the lethal circumstances. Rather, the attitude would be one of awe, gratitude, loyalty, and even love.

The recognition and acceptance of the Grace of God is necessarily transforming.

Can A Christian Abuse Grace
The Grace of God cannot be defined as unmerited favour. A favour, by definition, is an occasion, an event that is somehow marked by its distinction.

The Grace of God is all emcompassing! There is never a moment, in the life of the individual, when he is not experiencing that Grace! And although, the individual may not know or may not recognize the Grace of God in his life, that marvelous Grace is always there anyhow.

The idea that a human being can advantage of God's Grace is indicative of how human our view of Grace is. No man can abuse Grace. He can only abuse himself. Anyone who thinks he is getting with something because of God's Grace is merely deceiving himself.

Pat Robertson Haiti Comment
The comments that Pat Robertson made about Haiti was made from a position of profound ignorance and great pride.

And in terms of the evils that nations do to innocent people, Germany, Italy, England, Russia, United States, Israel, Japan, South Africa among many other nations, have done far more wickedly than Haiti.

The truth is, the christianity practiced and expoused by most professed christians is more reflective of their own prejudices than any Divine principle.

I Am Mad At God

Please explain to me: for whom did Jesus die? And are those for whom He died the physical descendants of Adam?

Is God's Grace For All
The Grace of God surrounds all of His creation, including all human beings.

Fort Hood Shootings

Throughout the history of the US military and all other militaries, there have been innumerable incidences of an indvidual soldier killing his fellow soldiers. Somehow, you seem to believe that only the very few incidences when a Muslim is involved have significance. And clearly, that kind of comments and conclusions are never helpful. Moreover, to suggest that thouhgtful words is political correstness is to discount the importance and the need for debate and discussion.

Fort Hood Shootings

I quite agree that culture and the times may influence perspective and thefore, judgement and conclusions.

However, if we were to accept the idea that the times determined wrongness or rightness, then obviously nothing is wrong and nothing is right.

If I were to follow that line of reasoning, then slavery would have been right, the Holocaust would have right, and the killing of 500,000 Japanese citizens with nuclear bombs would have been right.

Moreover,I am treating the issue in the context of this forum and with the assumed knowledge that, at least, most people who make comments are Believers in the Almighty God, the creator of universe.

Fort Hood Shootings
"They lived in barracks (like our troops). There was work for adults, school for children, recreation, food... a stark but not inhumane life."

Donna, it is always dangerous and corrupting to justify wrong and evil action. Wrong is never justified by the nationality of the perpetrators. Wrong is worng when it is done by those who claim goodness as well as by those who make any other claim.

I am sure that you would not have volunteered yourself and your children to be imprisoned in those camps. That notion is called Fairness and those who claim Godliness should be the most eager and the most ready to practice it.

Can You Afford Obamacare
Well, the public debt is 12 trillion dollars, but the private debt is more than 50 trillion dollars. That is the debt that ordinary Americans and corporate America owe.

Government Wants Control
Catherine, would George Bush have been part of the 'curse'?

Government Wants Control
Some people seem to have just woken up to the reality of the power of the US government. The truth is, goevernment does not want control. Government has had control for decades.

There is very little about the individual American citizen that the government or some other organization does not know. And this has been the routine practice for decades.

I would raise the question to those of you who current live within the USA. Name any two things that you do, as a citizen, that is not being monitored, in some way, by an agency, government or otherwise?

Fort Hood Shootings
The events at Fort Hood are tragic, but violence on American military installations is exactly uncommon.

It would seem to me that a more relevant consideration would be: why is it that a country and a people who make lofty claims about themselves would suffer these murderous rampages,so regularly?

Perhaps, the fact that a soldier (a trained killer) seems to be America's principal hero and that guns seem to occupy a place equal to that of the Bible may offer some explanation.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
Those who claim no faith in God have faith in other things or in other persons.

The only difference between the Believer and those who do not profess belief in God is the object of their faith.

The Atheist believes as strongly as any other person. The capacity to exercise faith is a quality of being human. And it is therefore incorrect to assert that the exercise of faith is devoid of thought.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
You will all have to forgive me, but I find it extremely difficulty to reconcile the comments of some professed christians with their vaunted claims of belief in The God who created the universe.

The amount of fear, innuendo, gossip and falsehoods that are presented on this forum as rational thought is far more consistent with faithlessness than with Faith. This is extraordinary!

Worst American President
I have read the blogs on this silly topic and it seems unreasonable and premature to decide the issue for a President who has served less than a year of a presidency that may lasts for eight years.

Probably more importantly however, is the coarse and unsound tone of most of the blogs. I am beginning to wonder how different would the blogs written by non-professing christians be.

USA Founded As Christian Nation

I have no interest listing America's "atrocities", they are very well known.

The points is this, those who claim the lofty name of God, individuals or nations, ought to exemplary in speech as well as in conduct.

As a Believer, I cannot claim the great Principles of the Bible and then live as or worse than those who make no such claim. It is dishonest! It is ungodly!

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