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Is There A Sinners Prayer
IF God doesn't mind, then why should man. God will correct me.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Johnt== well said. I do not know where people got the idea not to take the Sabbath DAY seriously. The only thing that I can figure out is, noone is obeying God.lets just Do as we please.

Parents That Made Mistakes
John, you are right. I just don't think about it like that.

From God Or Mentally Sick
How lonly it would be, if God could not talk. I have known His SILANCE, AND I don't like it. And He has turned His face away from me, and I didn't like that. It is the sorest affliction placed on a believer.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
iana== I am not sure what you are hahahaha,about, but I think that I know. Anyways, I think that that was funny.

God Being Taken Out Of Schools
Dave, bless you. You said that so well. UNbelievers stands around with blindfolds on, while the WORLD falls apart all around them.

When Did God Create The Earth
Yea, if God will take care of ravens, He'll take care of you. So the answer IS.--- GOD!.

From God Or Mentally Sick
When God saves you, He gives you a sound mind.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
They MAY END UP THERE ANYWAYS Mina, But we have to do our part.

Truely Ask God In Prayer
John, one time GOD did SPEAK TO ME IN THE WAY YOU MENTION. I knew something was different, I didn't understand it either, until later. God seems to prefer speaking to me through my intellet.At first it was audibly. Then later,as I grew, other ways. As far as tones, I'm talking about-- loud, soft, normal, ect.I am ashamed to admit, I got angry with God when He stopped talking audibly. He explained, I needed to learn dicernment. His voice,WOW.

From God Or Mentally Sick
When God does things=== unique things,to make Himself known. we need to appreciate them. So often it may be the only time or it will come to a cease. I didn't appreciate, or reflect, heed, like I should have. And I regret that.

From God Or Mentally Sick
I would not want to serve a God that could not talk. Would you? UNBELIVERS are just that, unbelievers. and REMEMBER===God's sanity is not ours and our sanity is not God's. One more thing. "When you depart from evil, you are accounted as MAD."

I Don't Think God Is Real
I find that if I maintain my JOY and my PEACE that only JESUS can give, then I get to keep my STRENGTH, And if anyone needs to be strong, it is I. ====Thank You. P.S.- Doubt and unbelief will weaken you, to a fare you well. Thank You.++

Truely Ask God In Prayer
If anyone out there is serious about God teaching you patience and a whole bunch of other stuff, ask Him to give you a kitten, and to help you to raise it. Now mind you, I didn't ask for one, He gave me one ,anyways.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
Just like I was saying=== You obey in other things as well as giving to be blessed. Folks this is important. Matt 23-V. 25.I am not going to get into too much detail here. 1 TIM. 5-17-25=== [concerning the supporting of ministers].

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
What did Jesus do before psychotherapy came along? The Answer is---Same thing He is doing today. Healing His way. God's methods and ways is so above ours till it's not funny. And that is the TRUTH.

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
As I was saying=== there is for me no other healer, teacher, in this world, except Jesus Christ. Makes me Love Him, Trust Him, Obey Him, Spend time with Him. Talk to him,AND Listen to HIM. What He will do for one He will do for another. Therapy from God, I can promise you it works. Satan, doesn't want this secret out. It's out.

What Do Demons Do
WELL. the devil is responsible for a lot of mean stuff. He seldom gets the blame. God gets blamed for a whole lot more ills, than the devil does. Most people don't think He even exists, and He is very angry because, He knows His time is short.

Parents That Made Mistakes
Seldom, do I feel guilty about my raising my one and only. But if every parent would FOLLOW after God in raising children===WOW!

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