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What Is A Seeker Friendly Church
I found my "true" home in a Messianic Synagogue. We are taught Torah and Yeshua as the completion of the law. It's wonderful to worship with people from all backgrounds with the commonality of "Christ" the Messiah. All are welcome. Shabbat shalom.

Tithe To Abused Animals
I don't want to sound rude but I'm very upset/disturbed that an apparent follower of Christ would want to give money to animals (that aren't even yours) when there are countless humans out there being ABUSED, starving, and who need need bibles, etc. If you want to tithe somewhere then I suggest talking to a guy named David C. Cooke on FB. He does great missions.

Letting The Dog Outside
Nicole Lacey - Sorry this is kinda late but thanks so much for your good comment! I recently found out that my parents actually don't want me to take the dog out anymore since I guess the dog could get too used to it which would be bad for days when we're gone for a really long time. So I really appreciate your comment and it made me feel better about all of this. It's nice to know that there are other people who just take their dog out twice a day! Btw, our dog holds its bladder very well too. :)

Letting The Dog Outside
Thanks guys for commenting. Y'all were helpful but I really liked how StrongAxe said that you shouldn't worry unless you touched something nasty and then put your hands near your mouth. With all the cleanliness obsessions around I really didn't know where to draw the line. God was putting this on my heart & I praise Him for helping me see this/helping me through this. I'm taking the dog out more now and it makes me feel better knowing that I'm pleasing God by caring for my fellow creatures and that the dog feels better. It wasn't nearly as bad as I pictured. I washed my hands really well after and then I scrubbed them with toothpaste since they still smelled like a dog. Toothpaste made them smell minty (I researched this). God bless!!

Letting The Dog Outside
Cluny...There are plenty of verses that seem to portray dogs (and pigs) in a negative light. I'm not sure about God's EXACT thoughts on dogs, but I suppose He must like them enough at least to have created them. I guess I'll have to try to get along with dogs better but it'll be quite a hurdle I'm sure - almost nightmarish. It feels pretty awful though to see verses that basically say I'm cruel when it comes to animals...

Letting The Dog Outside
Further Clarification: This dog has a long chain in a mud-room type area. It has quite a bit of room to roam, play, etc. The dog is female. I'm really not a dog person to be honest and prefer cats as well as other animals. The dog kind of makes me feel dirty and gross, especially if I come in contact with it. Although God created dogs, it doesn't seem like he thinks too highly of them. However, there are also verses which make a point that "good people" have regard for animals. I'm not sure what to do or think exactly. I really hope that I get some accurate (and encouraging) answers on this and I would also like if major dog lovers who would lecture me rudely would just refrain.

Why Church Of Christ Strict
COC is a cult! Religions say they are the only ones going to heaven or the only church, is a cult in my eyes! I call it the COC poison which so many have been brain washed, Legalism! They dont see womans worth. Take scriptures, men ahead of households & wife should be submissive to her husband out of context!!! They lack the Holy Spirit & don't walk in love!! They are righteous & judgmental! I cant wait to see their faces when we get to heaven, all the glorious praise & worship with instruments to Christ Jesus! No where in the Bible does it say we cant use instruments in church!! And they overlook other verses you dont have to be baptized to be saved! Yes, we should. But not a must for salvation!!

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
Thanks a lot for that great response Cluny...that was very helpful!!

Nicole Lacey...sorry but I'm not Catholic. But thanks anyway!

Any more responses would still be highly appreciated! I've heard something about songs being in 'witch language' but I can't tell how to discern that. I'd still like to know if it's healthy/innocent to let a song take a person over? What exactly entices a person to lose control over a song? Especially one that is just in gibberish. Thank you!

Can Bible Overturn Prison Sentence
Not everyone is guilty. 2. Many suffer lots of court trials and reviews where these will help: a. Isaiah 54:17 b. Jeremiah 20:11 And c. Psalm 57:3

Why Are Many Christians Cold
I have had the same experience - congregation after congregation of selfish, cold-hearted Christians who study the scriptures but do not practice what Yeshua taught - to work with, heal and help the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed. I have prayed to understand their behavior and the answer received is that it is their choice. Free will. Being human. *sigh* I intend to create a breakthrough in living program for homeless and or low income people to support them to rise out of their victim mentality and move forward with their lives. It's do-able, practical, hands-on and low cost. I will do what I feel God wants me to do. Focus on what YOU can do to live in the image of Christ and let the others find their way.

Christian Opens Pot Shop
In the NEWS:

In March, a 19-year-old student died after jumping from a balcony, friends said he had eaten an entire cookie containing 65 mg of THC, despite the fact that the store clerk at the marijuana shop where the edible was purchased advised cutting the cookie into six pieces and eating one piece at a time.

And earlier this month, a Denver man was arrested after police said he ate marijuana-infused candy before shooting his wife to death.

Evolution Global Warming Myths
-One must know what the word means to accuse others of it.
---micha9344 on 4/14/14

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, except for you Michael.

I've always found those who scream the loudest are the most dishonest of all. We all know that is a fact. But let's leave it to Michael to find who originally spoke those words, since the words of truth will escape him, being more into the letter of the law than the spirit of the law.

Judge not lest ye be judged. I did find the ministry and Michael did exactly what he accused another of, repeating bits and pieces, here a little there a little of another's online ministry and pretended it was his own, giving no credit where credit is due. Shame on you.

Pray To Make Someone Love You
Put it this way, would you want someone that you don't want to be in relationship with, pray to God to change your heart so you can like him? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that. It is best to surrender your heart to Jesus because He knows the best what kind of man is perfectly suited for you.

No it isn't wrong to love someone who is 7 years older but it is wrong to use prayer in order to change the person's heart towards you. This is one form of manipulation.

It takes two hands to clap :-)

Prayer For Rain In Texas
Please also pray for the people in Montgomery, Waller, and Grimes county. The wildfires in this part of Texas have burned over 20,000 acres of land and more and more people are having to evacuate as we speak. Please continue to pray for rain for all of Texas.

Events In Norway
Haz27, why are you filled with so much hate and anger? I see you are exacly what you accuse kathr of being? Just because one does not hate Islam or her people would not make one a Lefty.

Can you show in scripture we are to hate anyone? The pharisees hated Jesus and accused Him of talking to tax-collectors, harlots, and sinners.

How can you possibly share the Gospel with those you openly hate? Or do you believe these are not worthy of hearing the Gospel? You don't think they would smell that all over you.

You have a dark heart. We are to be a light in this world. Darkness can only be attracted to darkness.

Visited A Pagan Witches Blog
How can they believe in the one they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone telling them? Rom.10:14 Meeting someone on their own turf... its what Jesus did. To go share the gospel with someone is not having fellowship with them. We have the very words of life... let's act like budget out of the Christian bubble. I would say just be respectful and great them as people made in the image of God. Make comments Burberry a listener first, not just try to say what you want to say. Find out where they are coming from then share the gospel. Yes I am in the middle of conversations with pagans and witches as I type. Please go into the darkness and bring the Light! Don't fear God loves them... and wants Him to know Him.

Feelings After Salvation
markv, why do you always bring free will into everything. kathr didn't say that agape love came from own old sinful nature. What more do you want from her. You argue against your own self, making up things never said and then arguing.

If agape love is the Love of God through us, certainly it is of Him.

But because one believes in free will, does that make everything someone says wrong?

If we must align our will to do God's will, then yes our free will must obey His will. Love is then a choice. Our choice to Love, dying to self and our self will, bringing our will in line with God's will.
Maybe because you do not believe in free will, you do not understand it is a choice.

Is Islam Beast Of Revelation
Where one begins the history of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is itself a matter of theological judgment, fraught with serious ecumenical implications. Is Roman Catholicism (RC) a post-Reformation phenomenon, or is it the original form of the church?* Is early Catholicism to be found already in the New Testament, or is it an entirely post-biblical development? Catholic scholars, even very liberal ones such as Hans Kng, insist that Catholicism is present from the beginning, that the history of the RCC has its starting point within the NT rather than in the post-Reformation period.

What Happens At Mass
Leavening agents are substances that produce fermentation. They include yeast, baking powder and baking soda. Egg whites are leavening agents when beaten.

4 cups flour
2 egg yolks
1-1/2 t salt
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
3 tbsp butter
7/8 cup liquid (milk or water)

Cluny, some do and some don't have egg yolks.

Was matzoh or pita eaten at the Last supper?

No Looting In Japan After Quake
The majority of Japanese are BUDDHISTS. They believe in re-incarnation, karma. Even the worms are revered and protected. ( Has anyone seen "7 Years in Tibet?.

I believe all this has influenced how Japanese BUDDHISTS people behave.

My underatanding too is they do not pray to God or a god.

---kathr4453 on 3/20/11

I hope that settles it. I see nothing amiss with this statement. I also do not see kathr stating anything donna has accused her of saying.

donna, lay off the sauce.

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