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Stay Away From Bad Christians
I have worked with people who attened church and act very 'good' with their church family but treat others very very badly unless they get exactly what they want. They have turned many people away from God's love by their hyprocratic behavior and there is no talking to them about it. I would stay away from them.

God's Will For My Job
OF COURSE God has an interest in your job. Do you really think he wants a Christian working in a bar or a topless dance club? God will even tell us if he wants us to have surgery or not!! HE cares so much that he even knows the number of hairs on our head. Don't UNDERESTIMATE the depth of God's love for us. He even saved every tear you ever cried. Don't try to tell me that God doesn't care about our jobs. Just because they are here on earth doesn't change anything!! PLEASE other readers....know that GOD CARES and will direct you in the path HE HAS for your life. PRAY TO HIM. He WON't let you down. He will even stop you from getting laid off, or help you to get a raise!! OH yes, Christian brothers and sisters....GOD CARES!!!!!!

Who is David Jeremiah
I've always loved david jeremiah. I'm very confused however after learning of his lavish lifestyle. Not sure what to think now. He sure sounds biblically sound. Maybe I'll just buy his next book on..."How and why a humble pastor would buy a $2,100,000 condo in Coronado".....

....i'm just's kinda

..anyone know if Shadow Mt is hiring???

Explain 1 John 3:9
I'm enjoying the website very much. The answers are very helpful from everyone.

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
Philip, wonderful gift of the spirit. There is a few Jezebel spirit's roaming around answering questions with hate written all over them, can you cast those spirit's out from where you are at? If you can it would be great for everyone.

Is Christian Television Relevant
i think we all should take the plank out of our own eyes before we point out the speck in our brothers.

Rapture Doesn't Happen
The pre trib rapture is absolutely true

I believe it will happen soon and all those who are "blood washed" will go up.
Praise the Lord for His snatching away of
His own
Please get "saved". Time is short

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Google "verbal abuse and neglect grounds for divorce" and read the articles. Many of them explain why they believe that divorce based on verbal abuse and neglect are supported by the bible. Good luck.

Does God Meet All Our Needs
Jesus told us to seek first the Kingdom of
Heaven and THEN all the rest would be
added to us. I went through times where I
realized I was seeking the Kingdom in order
to get those other things. But, the more
I seek the Kingdom, those other things
become not first to me. Then I see how
Jesus's words are truth. I think we are
to keep on seeking the Kingdom of God
for every hour of our life. The faith
to receive the blessings of God and have
our needs met comes with the Kingdom of
God. When things mean less to us, God
can trust us to not make them our Lord.
Yet, it is the Holy Spirit that works in
us to separate us from the flesh things
of the world.

Is Smoking A Sin
I feel that right acts of the flesh are
filthy rags. Whether one smokes or not,
since all things are lawful but all things
aren't expedient, it will only be the power
and righteousness of our Heavenly Father
that sets the captives free. He is the
righteous one, in us, one day at a time.
Smoking is an outward thing. There are
things in a heart that can't be seen by
other humans. We are to judge not that we
won't be judged.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I feel that the goal of dicipline should be
to help a child achieve more mastery over
impulses. That would be a loving thing to
do. I feel that a huge part of dicipline is
to set the right example and thus become
diciplined ourselves, first.

Diabetes In Children
Kids have tv to vegetate in front of.
There alot of fast food restaurants.
There are unhealthy snacks out there or food items that kids eat as a snack.
Kids don't exercise as much as kids used to.
They eat more sugared stuff, more starchy stuff(french fries)than you or your parents did.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
Anorexics are addicted to not eating. Anyone with any addiction is just as loved by God as you are. You should pray for God to heal your daughter of her addiction.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
Pray in everything and for all things.Its comforting to know Gods in control of each day and life cause we often want to fix things but cannot.We can be there to support loved ones but not to the point where we become depressed.This can exhaust us in many ways and is not from God.I cannot imagine what your family is going through.Trust God,always pray but also believe that God has used todays society to help fight these illnesses.He uses people to help us,we cannot do anything alone and need support networks.Theres alot of advice around but the best advice comes from God.Have faith,be strong,courageous,face one day at a time.The more people you tell about your daughter, the more prayers there will be.Bless you

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
maybe you should pray about it and see what god thinks you should do but you should take her to a doctor and see what they say.

Tithe To Be A Good Member
Yes. The people that don't tithe, they don't realized how blessed they would be by giving God His tithe.

Condemned In Fire Forever
Eternally means forever. They will be and exist in the lake of fire forever.

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