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Should I Confess My Affair
I had an affair and went to confession, mine2 was 3 year and I was told to repent to God This didn't sit with me for too long, and I decided that I needed to confess to my husband. I did and told him eveyrthing He filed for divorce the next day. We have 4 children that are now torn between homes and lives that should not have had to suffer my mistake. I know now that if I would have waited or taken the advice we would have made it thru - but you have to decide what is best for you

Are We Being Sprayed
If you watch planes close enough, you'll see there is a difference between contrails which clear up pretty quickly and chemtrails which linger, expand, and spread. They are also used for weather modification.

USA Troops Having Problems
The mainstream media reports some of the news, not all. They are the ones who first came out with so many soldiers on psychtropic drugs committing suicide and being under investigastion for civilian murders. Then, they just quit reporting it. I don't believe all I read, but when there is plenty of evidence to back up a claim, then...
Unfortunately for our soldiers, they are the guinea pigs for new drugs and vaccines.

Are Cancers Caused By Demons
Katie, Good answer!

USA Troops Having Problems
Yes, it's military training and meds. The horrors of what is going on is too much for many to bear. There are quite a few websites where you can read the "real" news and not biased media reports to find that over half the troops are being (over)medicated for depression so that what goes on does not bother them so much. It's basically making zombies out of them.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
3. All my kids are from my husband. We cannot throw parties, afford fine foods or 62inch tv's, cell phones, eating out shopping for our pleasure. You know what people tell us? Get divorced so your wife and kids can get welfare. You were stupid to get married in the first place. I think welfare is one of Gods test of morals. It's the goverments way of breaking the traditional family.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
2. twins and they were premies so she receives disability checks for them all in addition to free housing and free food. She has and decorates a nicer place than most. She goes clubbing when the urge strikes, she throws parties all the time. I on the other hand am a SAHM of 4, my husband works full time and overtime, the only time I've been away from my kids is when I'm in hospital giving birth.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
I know a girl in chicago, age 35, been on welfare since 16, has 7 kids by different men, never been married, her parents get paid to babysit her kids, all get into headstart programs, free stuff etc... 2 are vegetables in wheelchairs (not their fault) so she gets disability checks for them, also she lets her kids roam the streets and a 5 yr old got hit by car, claims to have found small tumor in head says caused by accident so he gets a disability check, her last birth she had

Pork Eaters Go To Hell
Lee, I'm not talking about 3rd world countries. I'm talking about the pork eaters on this blog. Do you enjoy horse and monkey meat?

Pork Eaters Go To Hell
Do the pork eaters also enjoy dog, cat, horse, racoon, squirrel, rabbit? Just curious, since so many pork eaters think pork is now clean, but it is gross to eat the other "now clean".

Christians Burned The Quran
No book should be burned. If you don't like it--Don;t read it. Sometimes there is more to learn from books than from what "hearsay" is.

Christian Flag Pledge Allegiance
Uh Madison, FDR confiscated the working people's gold.

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