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I Hate Christmas
Yes, we should keep all God,s Holy days. Not man made pagan days.

Meaning Of Becoming A Christian
John 6:63, Jesus said his words he speaks are life. You must absolutely prove to your self that there is a real God,the actual spirit Personality who created and now rules the entire universe.Prove to your own satisfaction that the Bible is truly God,s inspired revelation to man. Study it, meditate on it,pray to understand it,and determine to obey God,s word to do what he say,s, keep all his laws.

Great Day Of The Lord
Why jesus must come back, i must say, mankind could soon destroy itself, science, now realize, man has the power to erase human life, Bible prochecy shows that as we come to the end of this age, more disasters will stike, like earthquake,shocking weathers,polluted floods, famine,drought,starvation,disease,all will affect the world, God says, i will shake heaven and earth,sea and land,mountains, Islands will move,Why? man is to rebellios,But mercy he has,to send jesus to cut short does horrible punishments,SO THAT JESUS MAY COME AS KING OF ALL KINGS.

The Real Easter Story
Candice, I do agree with you 100%, These eggs and rabbit, i dont see it, i never understood that. Yes, it is the passover, as jesus and his follows kept, and still does.

This Is The Appreciation Blog
I love CN, love blogging, but i dont have the time, i work with kids also, and when the day over, i just want to have a good rest.

Who is John Hagee?
This world,s Churches are in confusion, divided by endless disagreement over doctrine and practice. Amos 3:3 asks, Can two walk together, except they be agreed? NO! Man must live by every word of God, Keep ALL his laws. ( Not all ministers preach and keep all Gods law) Also the the Sabbath.

Wear Pants And Earrings
Amen, Ms Morgan, God looks at the heart, not the outside. Be bless.

What Church Do You Attend
I go to service each week, with brothers and sisters, we calls it Bible study service, people are the Church, not a building, and Christ is head of the Church, the people. Do you all agree? or not?

Anna Nicole Smith Died Today
God loves Anna Nicole very much, he loves all, he made all, and all things. But God did not like the lifestyle she lives, look, they does not know who the baby,s father is, that means she lived a fornacation life style, But as Christians we should pray for the baby, for the best parents for her, a good family who will teach her God,s way, to live a life that pleases God.

Is Moronism A Cult
Hi Dave, i do agree, We should appreciate that loyalty to God brings blessings. Though we may fail in perfect obedience, and may incur penalties, God is faithful to forgive when we repent and return to his ways. We hurt not only ourselves but others also, and thus hinder the work that God called us to do Mal:3.

Jehovah Witness Bible Differences
Today,s world is built on a wrong, faulty foundation. It cannot stand. It cannot be fix! No amount of activism on anyone,s part can save or change it. Instead, it must be totally torn down and replace with the coming kingdom government of GOD, which CHRIST will bring at his second coming Rev 11. True Christians are called out of this world, we can witness to other as jesus wants of us, but God those the calling.

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
God,s holy days, is for us to keep, Get in the Bible, and study about them, get books that exsplains about God,s holy days and there meaning. Pray for knowlege to understand, and you will see IT IS GOD,S MASTER PLAN for all, up to the coming of Jesus our saviour. Also you will find in the bible say,s All will go up to the mountains to keep the feast, and see who dont go up to keep the feast, what will become of them.check also Zech 14.

Can A Demon Possess A Person
King Saul,s life with spirit,s of evil. 1 Samuel 28. God,s holy spirit will guide us all the way. They will flee, just ask jesus.

Who is Paula White?
Well said Raoul, and so many false preachers out there, and we will know them by there fruits, always and only begging, what about preaching about the book of Revelation end time events, warning the world what is to come. To much greed out there. God bless.

What Rewards Are In Heaven
Our reward, Christ will be our king, perfect in character, Gods Government on earth, no one will be decieved no more.

Suppose Pat Roberston Is Right
In one sense, Christians are very political in there thinking. Is God a political being? I say yes, But his politics are not of this society. He has his own view of government. His view of crrect and right politics. His kingdom_his government, is not of this world, but he does have a Government.

Is Creflo Dollar Authentic
This world is built on the foundation of satan,s way. So greedy for the things of this world. They always want more and more fot them self, having more than they need, and many are hungry and homeless out there. He preach God love a cheerful giver, then give it to the needy, dont keep it. Is he doing God,s work with the peoples tithes? or mmmm.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
The bible also teaches that satan does also have his ministers, 2cor:11 Here describe the cunning ways through which satan,s ministers successfully decieves. There will be a falling away.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
2 Thes.2:3,10 Paul exsplained that this falling away would affect all who recieved not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Paul was inspired to tell and warn of this falling away just before the return of Christ.

Suppose Pat Roberston Is Right
I do agree with you frank, The scriptures say,s that satan is the God of this world. This is NOT God,s world! It should now be evident that the devil GOVERNS a vast realm of falling spirits, they decieves, confuse, and influences over all the governments and activities on earth. Eph6:12 Christians wrestle against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.

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